My Top 10 Reading Pet Peeves

  1. Talking: I hate when I’m reading and someone tries to talk to me or when I’m reading and people are having conversations around me. I like to either read in silence or with some music.
  2. Spoilers: There’s nothing worse than a book, you’re really looking forward to, being spoiled.
  3. Covers That Don’t Relate: I love reading books that relate to the cover it’s like a small form of insight into the book. So, it sucks when the cover has no correlation with the novel.
  4. Rushed Endings: I hate when the book I’m reading is so amazing only to be ruined by an ending that doesn’t feel complete.
  5. When the Font Changes: Sometimes I’ll be reading a book and then out of nowhere the font changes and it really messes with my eyes haha.
  6. Overly Detailed: Don’t get me wrong I love details in novels, because they help paint a picture in my mind….but I don’t like when it’s so much detail that I get bored reading it.
  7. Slow Books: I hate when I’m reading, but the book is so slow it feels like I’ll never finish it. It get’s so boring! Especially when I hear such great things about the book itself.
  8. Movie Adaptations: Not all movies adapted from books are bad. Some are actually really well done, but there are some where it makes you question the director. The book is always the way to go.
  9. Stickers on the Covers: I hate when I buy a book that looks perfect…except now there is some residue leftover from a stupid sticker.
  10. Book Jackets: Although, I love how they look on the books I hate how they always slide when I read. I always end up taking them off.

There are my top 10 reading pet peeves! I hope y’all liked it 🙂 I will be posting my review over Dorothy Must Die tomorrow! Make sure to check it out.

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