Reading Slumps

Every reader has had to experience a reading slump at least once. A reading slump is when no matter what you just can’t seem to pick up a book and read. Today I am going to give some tips on how to get out of a reading slump and how I try to prevent one from ever happening.

How to get out of a reading slump:

  1. Don’t Read: That’s right, just set the book down and watch some t.v. or go out and do something. For me Watching some BookTube videos always helps me get back into the spirit of reading again. Just don’t pick up that book for a while, have some time to relax from reading.
  2. Read: I know you’re probably wondering why I just told you not to read and here I am telling you to read. However, sometimes you just need to read an easy book or a book you’ve read before to get out of a reading slump. So go ahead and pick up that book you’ve read thousands of times! Or reading something shorter may help instead of trying to tackle that 600 page book go for 150 pages and under.
  3. Talk: Sometimes just talking about books can spark that love for reading. So go out and talk to people about books you love or new releases you can’t wait for!
  4. Switch Genres: If you only read romance novels try reading something full of action or a sci-fi novel! Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone can help get you out of that reading slump. Or maybe you realize you just wanna go back to your romance novel haha but either way it works!
  5.  Write: Instead of reading a book try writing a book or maybe writing for your blog. You can write about whatever you want, but this will help you want to go back to reading because it’s also another way to take a break from reading without doing something unproductive. It can also make you think about books more and maybe a book you’ve forgotten about that you really want to read.

How to prevent a reading slump:

  1. Read: Sometimes when I finish a book I go ahead and pick up another one ASAP and start reading it to ensure a reading slump never occurs. It doesn’t matter what book you pick up next just pick something up fast so you don’t give that reading slump time to manifest. It also helps, because you’re usually still in a reading mood when you just finish a book, so keep that mood going!
  2. Know Your Limits: Don’t push yourself too hard. If you overdue it and are only forcing yourself to read to reach your monthly or yearly goal then you lose the fun factor of reading and it just becomes a chore. If you want to read 10 books in a month when you usually only read 5 go ahead and try, but don’t get too upset if you don’t reach your goal. Goals are fun to set because they help push you, but when you make the goal unreasonable it’s not as fun to try to reach it because it seems impossible.
  3. Set Daily Goals: Set a goal each day to read 50 pages or 100 pages, doesn’t matter! The point is it helps you to want to read every day so if you’re reading everyday then you may not get into a reading slump as easily. At least this works for me..
  4. Read Stuff You Enjoy: If you go and pick up a book that’s not at all what you usually read and if it’s pretty lengthy chances are it’ll be harder for you to get through, which will cause a reading slump. I know that’s not always the case, but why risk it? If you only read sci-fi books and you decide to try romance don’t go and pick up that 400 page romance novel try something smaller to see if you like it. You don’t want to burn yourself out on a genre you might not even like.
  5. Take Breaks: If you can feel a reading slump coming on go ahead and take a break! Go do something you enjoy! Chances are you’ve experienced a reading slump before and you know what you can do to get out of it so go do that before one ever starts.

Well, I hope y’all enjoyed some tips over reading slumps! Personally watching some BookTube helps me the most. It’s my go to thing for a reading slump! I hope some of these helped! 

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