“The devil was in the details.” ~Starflight


Starflight by Melissa Landers: 5/5 stars


Solara Brooks needs a fresh start, someplace where nobody cares about the engine grease beneath her fingernails or the felony tattoos across her knuckles. The outer realm may be lawless, but it’s not like the law has ever been on her side.

Still, off-world travel doesn’t come cheap; Solara is left with no choice but to indenture herself in exchange for passage to the outer realm. She just wishes it could have been to anyone besides Doran Spaulding, the rich, pretty-boy quarterback who made her life miserable in school.

The tables suddenly turn when Doran is framed for conspiracy on Earth, and Solara cons him into playing the role of her servant on board the Banshee, a ship manned by an eccentric crew with their own secrets. Given the price on both Doran and Solara’s heads, it may just be the safest place in the universe.

It’s been a long time since Solara has believed in anyone, and Doran is the last person she expected to trust. But when the Banshee’s dangerous enemies catch up with them, Solara and Doran must come together to protect the ship that has become their home-and the eccentric crew that feels like family.

My Review:

*This review does contain some spoilers*

I gave this book five stars, because I thought everything about this book was flawless! I loved the writing in this book and thought the story was amazing! I fell in love with the characters and was able to fly through this book! 

I loved how in the novel you got to see Solara learn to love her tattoos even though represented a part of her life that was negative and something she would rather forget. It showed how she began to love what made her stronger and showed how she wouldn’t let that part of her past control her. You see that again towards the end of the book when Cassia gives them their bracelets, which was what started the whole crazy adventure. You saw how Doran didn’t like them because they reminded him of how he treated Solara, but you also saw how Solara wanted to hold onto them for they resembled the start to something amazing. 

Some people view Solara’s relationship with Doran as cliché, which I can understand, but I liked it. I understand that as soon as they meet you know they’ll end up falling in love, but I liked seeing all the rough patches they had. You got to see how both of them changed and evolved as they went through different situations and you saw their love grow. I thought it resembled how tough dating in the real world can be, rather than how a lot of books make it seem flawless. Yes it was cliché, but it worked in this novel. Plus they were from two different social classes and it showed the reader how they could each learn something from one another.

Another relationship I liked was Kane’s relationship with Princess Cassia. She seemed like an average girl and despite their constant bickering you could see their love ran deep. He would do anything for his princess and I adored them both. Plus I definitely didn’t expect for Cassia to send the Enforcers after Doran rather than Kane, because Kane was acting so suspicious. When in reality Kane wasn’t against Doran he was just trying to protect the girl he loved and she was just trying to protect Doran.

Another thing that I thought helped make this book so spectacular was that despite all the action and serious moments it still had a playful side to it with some romance and fun. It helped make the story more entertaining because it wasn’t just fighting all the time it was love and laughing and friendship. There were so many elements to this book that made it unique to me. You saw how these criminals weren’t so criminal they had a past just like everyone else, but they weren’t heartless. They became a family and I know it’s another cliché, but I though it worked so perfectly with these characters.

It was also heartbreaking to see the captain die! He had a rough side to him, but he also had a soft side. He was a tough guy and he had been through a lot, but that didn’t stop him from being a good person to his crew. For example he said, “Desperate people kill to survive. I’ll do what I can for these settlers, but not at the expense of losing one of my own.” I loved that quote so much! It really showed the type of person he was and what he was willing to do for others along with his crew. He had a sense of humor, he was forgiving, and he was like a father to everyone on that ship. It just showed that everyone deserved to feel like they belonged somewhere and he was willing to be that place for them.

Now, I loved Solara, but I gotta say Renny was one of my favorite characters. He just seemed so innocent and sweet. He was like everyone’s big brother trying to keep the peace between everyone while adding some humor to it. I also loved the bond him and Solara were able to share due to the fact they both stole things. I know Renny couldn’t help it, but it was interesting to his “problem” turned into a positive for the crew. I liked seeing everyone overall have something negative from their past actually become a positive to show that what they had or hadn’t done was something to be ashamed of.

I liked seeing how all the characters interacted and how all the different scenarios played out. I especially loved the end! I was expecting it to be his mom in the lab, but I had no clue it was going to be his brother! That completely left my mind so it was an awesome surprise for me haha. It showed the true colors of the whole Spaulding family, which made it seem like Doran was the only one with a heart. I, personally, am not good at figuring out the endings of books so these things always shock me, which doesn’t bother me because it’s more of a surprise haha.

I definitely recommend this book! It’s very well written and an amazing read to add to your tbr shelf or just to reread haha. I can’t wait for Starfall  to come out! I will definitely be picking it up next year!


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