The Wicked Will Rise

“I had always been alone and I would always be alone. It had just taken me this long to figure it out.” ~The Wicked Will Rise


The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige: 4/5 stars


My name is Amy Gumm—and I’m the other girl from Kansas.

After a tornado swept through my trailer park, I ended up in Oz. But it wasn’t like the Oz I knew from books and movies. Dorothy had returned, but she was now a ruthless dictator. Glinda could no longer be called the Good Witch. And the Wicked Witches who were left? They’d joined forces as the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked, and they wanted to recruit me.

My mission? Kill Dorothy.

Except my job as assassin didn’t work out as planned. Dorothy is still alive. The Order has vanished. And the home I couldn’t wait to leave behind might be in danger.

Somehow, across a twisted and divided land, I have to find the Order, protect the true ruler of Oz, take Dorothy and her henchmen down—and try to figure out what I’m really doing here.

My Review:

*This review does contain some spoilers*

I didn’t give this novel a five-star rating like I did with Dorothy Must Die, because I didn’t find it as entertaining. I still liked this novel, but I absolutely loved Dorothy Must Die, so I am a little disappointed with The Wicked Will Rise.

One of the problems I had with this novel was Amy Gumm. In the first novel she was a badass character, but in The Wicked Will Rise she seemed annoying and childish. I just didn’t like her as much as I did in Dorothy Must Die, which is kind of problem to me considering she is a main character. However, I did like that Amy never forgot where she came from and showed her real self. It helped show that despite everything she’s been through she’s still Amy.

I did love that this book still had some unexpected twists to it like for me I thought it was really unexpected that Star was eaten by the lion. In case  you were wondering Star was Amy’s pet rat and yes I found it unexpected that Star died. I’m also an animal lover so I was expecting that Amy would save Star before the Lion ate her but she didn’t.

I also wasn’t expecting Pete and Ozma to be technically the same person. This brings me to something I loved about the book and that was how Paige utilized Pete as a character and involved him. I thought it made the story more interesting especially when Amy decided to trust Pete and he completely turned on her! That was definitely one of the best scenes in the book in my opinion. However, considering Dorothy Must Die had way more action I was expecting that again in this novel. I felt like this novel could get a little boring at times while her first book kept me interested and entertained the whole time.

I did like how Paige managed to make me connect with the characters. I managed to feel bad for the Lion despite all that he’s done, because she managed to portray the Lion’s feelings so well. I also fell in love with Queen Lulu and all her silly sayings such as, “we monkey’s have had the short end of the hot dog for as long as Oz has been Oz.” or “That witch talks a big game, but she couldn’t be a bigger candy-ass if she dropped her pink little undies and sat on a pile of gumdrops.” I just love the way Paige managed to make the characters so unique and different, because I don’t like when books have characters that seem so similar. Also, I often found myself questioning if Queen Lulu was on Amy’s side or against and I really liked the sense of wonder it added to the story.

Something that I really love about Paige’s writing is that she ends most of the chapters with something that keeps you interested. I don’t like when a book ends the chapter with something boring, because then it’s easier for me to put it down and do something else. Also, she doesn’t have chapters that are too long, I personally read from chapter to chapter and it helps when the chapters are reasonably spaced apart. So I really love that aspect of her writing as well.

I liked that in the story they did bring the handkerchief back rather than introducing some pointless element that is never talked about again. I hate when authors do that, because it seems pointless to mention it at all if you never talk about it again since they make it appear important. Therefore, I’m glad Paige introduced the handkerchief especially since in the beginning it was used to help Amy and then it ended up being used to hurt her.

I really like that these novels are so different from the classic Wizard of Oz, because of how gory yet magical they are. For example, “In an explosion of blood, guts, and glitter, the Wizard was no more.” I just really like the aspect that Oz can be dark yet beautiful, because it makes it something that’s completely Paige’s.

I definitely recommend this novel if you’ve read Dorothy Must Die, because it’s a good series and I can’t wait to read the last book of the series, Yellow Brick War. It’s something unique and different and that’s why it deserves four stars from me!

I hope y’all enjoyed my review over this book, because I had a lot of fun writing this and reading the book! Make sure you check out some of my other reviews also!

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