Tea Time!

Hello everyone! I thought I would share some of the new teas I’ve acquired. I’ve only ever had green tea until my recent trip to Disney World where I bough this pack of Alice and Wonderland tea with all kinds of cool flavors! I decided I would start drinking all kinds of different teas and try new things, so of course I had to buy some new tea coming all the way from England! Shipping was a little pricey but all worth it! The shop I bought the tea from is called the English Tea Store. It’s great for any avid tea drinkers! I’ll show you what I got!



Now you can take honey everywhere you go with the Nektar Honey Crystals.

Nektar Honey Crystals are 100% all natural granulated honey, great for hot and cold beverages, baking, or any other recipe. One 3.2 gram packet is equivalent to one teaspoon of liquid honey. You’ll now have all the benefits of honey without the sticky mess. Nektar Honey Crystals are gluten free and 12 calories per pack.

Each box contains 40 individual .11 ounce (3.2 grams) packets.

My Thoughts:

I really love these little packets of honey crystals they make it so much easier and a lot less sticky. They’re easy for on the go and that’s why they get a 5/5 stars.



The Hawaiian Colada Flavored Rooibos blend from English Tea Store is a caffeine free blend that has all the characteristics of a tropical lifestyle. You’ll note how the sweet profile of pineapple meshes with hints of coconut, and delivers a smooth, refreshing taste. This tea is phenomenal when served hot or iced.

Allergen Alert: Coconut contains Sulphites

Antioxidant Content: Medium – The longer you steep your tea the more polyphenols will be extracted. (Test results based on 5 minutes steeping time. Polyphenol percentages may fluctuate with lot, grade of tea, testing method, temperature of water and freshness of tea). More antioxidants are extracted from tea (L. Camellia Sinesis) the longer it is brewed. And the more tea is used, the greater the antioxidant benefit.

My Thoughts:

I decided this tea deserves a 3.5/5 stars mainly because it wasn’t as good as I was hoping. I did really like it, but sometimes I felt like the coconut was overpowering. However, I would recommend this one still because it was still really good!



Perfect for when you can’t decide on a tea, or want to try something new, these English Tea Store sampler packs should do the trick.

Each sampler pack comes with 1 ounce each of our favorite chocolate flavored loose leaf teas, including:

Each pouch of loose tea is resealable.

My Thoughts:

  1. Chocolate Flavored Black Tea: 3.5/5 stars
    I liked this tea, but it wasn’t as good as I was hoping. It was still good though I was just expecting something different.
  2. Chocolate Orange Flavored Black Tea: 5/5 stars
    This one was amazing! I’ve always loved chocolate oranges and I was really hoping this would be as good as I hoped and it didn’t disappoint!
  3. Chocolate Mint Flavored Black: 4/5 stars
    I liked this one it’s a little better than plain chocolate and it was a success in my book!
  4. Blackforest Flavored Black Tea: 4/5 stars
    I like the taste of this one it’s sweet and just overall a good taste. I don’t really get blackforest from it but it does taste great!
  5. Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chi Tea: 5/5 stars
    Last but not least is this tea and it was absolutely amazing! If you click on the link above and check out their website at the bottom they give you some instructions on how they think you should make the tea for the best results. I decided to give it a shot and it was absolutely amazing!

I definitely recommend anyone who loves tea check out this website, because it’s amazing and I will definitely be buying from them again! Also I am not sponsored or told to say any of this and I wasn’t sent anything to review I bought it with my own money and decided it would be fun to share my opinion. 🙂

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