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Thanksgiving Book Tag

Since I haven’t been posting often I thought maybe this would be something fun and it helps give me something to post haha. I won’t be uploading this on Thanksgiving, but I hope y’all still enjoy this! Also, I got this from Life of a Female Bibliophile so go check out her blog!

1. Bread: What book is purely fluff, and has no real plot line?

Dead Poets Society by N.H. Kleinbaum. I love this book and movie, but I still thought it had some pretty fluffed up parts. Not purely fluff though.

2. Turkey: What book made you want to fall asleep?

Any book  I have ever read for school. Well, I did like some of the books I had to read for school haha. So at the moment a book that makes me want to fall asleep is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

3. Gravy: What book makes the whole series worth reading?

The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I’m saying this, because this first book was the reason I continued the series despite not liking the 3rd or 4th book very much. It’s also why I plan on buying the 5th book that came out recently.

4. Stuffing: What book is stuffed full of action scenes?

Starflight by Melissa Landers. I just remember this book having a lot of action scenes, which is one of the things I loved about it!

5. Mashed Potatoes: What book looked good, and then wasn’t?

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff. I did not enjoy this book like I thought it was. I’ve written a review over this book if you would like to go check that out to hear my thoughts more in-depth.

6. Cranberries: What book has the sweetest romance?

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall. I chose this book because I didn’t want to say a Nicholas Sparks book. I just felt like changing it up and choosing something different. I thought this book was awkward and adorable and I loved it!

7. Corn: What’s the corniest book you’ve ever read?

I honestly don’t know what the corniest book I’ve ever read is. Sorry, but I haven’t a clue! Oh I finally thought of one. Poetry Adventure and Love by Ed Elgar. I wrote a review over this book so you can check that out if you’re interested. I thought this book was very cliche and cheesy, but it wasn’t too bad.

8. Green Beans: What book is too long and needs to be shortened?

Christine by Stephen King. I felt like this book dragged on and on. It probably had a little too much fluff as well, if I’m honest.

9. Pumpkin Pie: What book do you read to get out of a reading slump?

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I’m saying this, because as y’all might have guessed I’ve been in a slump lately and this book has helped me get out of it. I also find reading e-books helps me get out of a slump.

10. Dog/Cat: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food that you would steal from the table?

My favorite Thanksgiving food would probably be the jello I make with my grandma every year. It’s a cherry jello with pecans in it and it’s always the best! 🙂


Well I hoped y’all liked this book tag even if it isn’t Thanksgiving anymore haha. Have a great day everyone!

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