#Jinglemybooks December Challenge

I thought it would be fun to do this photo challenge! All the pictures will be on my Instagam, so give me a follow and look at all of my posts for this December photo challenge! I will list the days and their props all from Read Sleep Fangirl’s blog! Make sure to check out her blog along with her Instagram and her friends’ Instagram, because they created this!

Day 1. #untbr – well who actually finishes reading their tbr or sticks to it? Anyone? No? I thought so.. well you post a photo of books you’re certain you won’t be reading this month 😂
Day 2. Books Under the Mistletoe – Books with your otps, heck you can put it under the mistletoe if you want but not required
Day 3. Minimalistic books – Well this one can’t really be explained, make your photo simple, simple photos are just as pretty as overloaded photos
Day 4. Candy Cane Books – Red and white books
Day 5. Books the Gram’ Made You Read – self explanatory what books have you read just because you saw it everywhere and you were like I MUST HAVE IT AND READ IT
Day 6. Books You’d Give as a Gift – What books do you love so much you just want everyone to read them so you buy it for your friends and force them to read it
Day 7. #Blackoutpoetry now you can do this with an old book, a used book, an arc, or even a book you wouldn’t mind writing in. You black out everything on the page except for the words that create a poem look up the hashtag for examples
Day 8. I’m dreaming of a diverse Christmas – recommend your favorite diverse reads (POC, disabilities, sexualities, cultures, etc) or what books you’re anticipating to read next year
Day 9. Let It Go, bookish tropes editor – what mainstream things do you hate in books? Maybe that brooding male hero, that damsel in distress, the love triangle, the rebellious princess, the poc being the best friend of the main character, such and such
Day 10. Bookstagram Guilty Pleasure (Inner Kermit Meme) – what things do you do that are sometimes frowned upon, let’s say dog earring books you don’t want to fold the pages of your precious books but inner you is whispering you to do it, or maybe leaving your books everywhere, writing in them, shoving them into your bookshelf to make them fit, etc
Day 11. Addictive Books – What books have you read that you just couldn’t set down, you just had to finish that book even if it’s already 1 am and you still have 100 pages left
Day 12. Guess the Book (blind date with a book) – okay how this works is you wrap up a book and on the outside, on a piece of paper, or in the caption wherever you want, write up the description of the book without completely giving it away like describing the main character, genre, maybe the year it was released and have people guess the book!
Day 13. An #emdawgreadschristmas – alright this prompt is inspired by the gorgeous clean feed @emdawgreads on Instagram has, all white Winter land type of thing
Day 14. Stranger Books – inspired by the Stranger Things show, stranger books is books you’ve read that you found strange, quirky, unusual
Day 15. Christmas Playlist – create a Christmas playlist full of music you enjoy listening to during the holidays. You can write it in the caption or on a paper in your photo or show the playlist and such
Day 16. Books and your pajamas, self explanatory yes
Day 17. Christmas and Chill – For this you can plan out your Christmas activity, or take a picture of you doing said activity like baking, sledding, wrapping presents or even just reading a book by the fire or anything else Christmas related
Day 18. SOCK SUNDAY in Christmas form of course
Day 19. Reading Update, what are you currently reading, how many books you’ve read, what are you planning to read next, what page are you on and such
Day 20. Books and your sweaters, jumpers, jackets
Day 21. Favorite Christmas scene in a book
Day 22. Snacking on your candy canes and cocoa and your books (don’t snack on your books please)
Day 23. Book and outfit – outfit of the day Christmasy, cozy, or whatever outfit
Day 24. Bookish Christmas List – now what do you hope to find under the Christmas tree or just basically a list of things you want whether it’s candles, books, prints, bookmarks and such
Day 25. #Litupbooks LIGHT THOSE BOOKS ON FIRE just kidding, Christmas lights, fairy lights, lamp lights, candles, whatever you want to add just a touch of light to your photos ✨
Day 26. Favorite movies of 2016 – self explanatory, what were your favorite movies you watched this year?
Day 27. Fancast your favorite book – so think about the characters in your favorite book, what people do you want to portray those characters?
Day 28. Favorite Winter Books – What books do you enjoy reading during the winter time?
Day 29. Top 12 books of 2016 – What were the top 12 books you read this year, self explanatory
Day 30. Christmas December Haul – WHAT DID YOU GET FOR CHRISTMAS? You can show off your books, favorite presents, whatever you want to share
Day 31. Bookish Resolutions – the year has ended and 2017 is about to begin so.. what bookish resolutions do you want to accomplish? Read a certain amount of books? Read a book by a certain author? Limit the amount of books you buy? Write a book? Finish a series?

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