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Three Stars

So, I saw something similar to this and decided to change it to something I would like more. I don’t remember where I saw this or how similar it is, but I will pick a day to post about three books, three characters, three authors, etc. I hope y’all enjoy 🙂

My Favorite Bookish Shops!

So, I decided that since I talk about books a lot it would be a nice change to talk about some of my favorite shops to get bookish items! 😀

Craftedvan on Etsy

1. This is one of my favorite places to buy bookmarks online. They have so many adorable bookmarks! I’ve bought a few and I couldn’t be happier with them! They’re bound to have something you like. They sell more than bookmarks though. They have magnets, cards, and enamel pins.

I love the food bookmarks they have because they are just so cute. Just looking at all of their bookmarks again and talking about them makes me want to buy more. They’re just such amazing bookmarks and I can’t get over how adorable they are

These bookmarks are sturdy and they are made very well. They are located in Vancouver, Canada so if you live in America than shipping might be a little more costly, but the shipping’s not too bad and it’s totally worth it! You can purchase any of their items, or if you just wanna take a look, by clicking here. 🙂

book beau 1

Book Beau

2. Benita is an amazing woman who created the original book sleeve. These sleeves are supposed to hep protect your book while it’s in your bag. They are also water and stain resistant which shows that they can withstand a lot that we would normally put our books through.

I traveled to Canada this summer and these Beaus were a godsend! Sometimes when you travel by plane you never know how your items are gonna look coming out of the airport, but these Beaus are so sturdy and durable that I know my books will at least be safe. I couldn’t imagine not having these during travel or trips. They also make Kindle Beaus and it’s so perfect. I love to take my kindle everywhere now and the Beau it’s in is just adorable!

Currently, there is work being done on having a website set up. If you click the picture above it will take you to her Kickstarter where you can then pre-order some Beaus if you would like. She works very hard along with her team and I guarantee you won’t find anything more special than her Beaus. 🙂

The Melting Library

3. This is the last one! By the way I don’t rank these it’s just random. Anyway, I’ve only ever bought one candle from here and I loved it. It was the Heartless candle and it smelled amazing and it just looks so cute and perfect in pictures! Sadly, this store sells out a lot and very quickly. Obviously it is bittersweet since it’s good for them and sad for me because I can’t buy as many candles haha.

I would love to buy more candles but everything is so expensive and I need to save my money. However, I do plan on buying more of their candles in the future! The one I have just looks amazing in pictures and the smell is perfect. It’s perfect to burn when rereading your favorite book or any book for that matter. To purchase, or just look, at their candle selection click here.

Anyway, that’s all I have for y’all today! I’m sorry this post is kind of late but I had a really rough day today. Writing this was a lot of fun though and I hope y’all enjoy it just as much! Please comment below and share some of your favorite places to buy bookish items!! 🙂

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