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I was tagged to do the High School Book Tag by the sweet Sabrina over at The Reader Devotee. This tag is created by the lovely Jasmine at How Useful It Is and Namitha at Teen Memoir.  Big thanks to them for creating this tag!

I’m pretty excited to do this tag. This is the first time I’ve actually been tagged too :). Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy reading this post!


A+ on the test: A book or character that makes you smile


I just read this book not that long ago and both the book and the characters make me smile! Nimona is always so silly and fun and I can’t help but smile at the way she acts. This book is so creative and the art style is super fun and I just love this graphic novel so much!

Sports Team: A fictional family that you want to be a part of


This is the second book, but the family is all the same haha. Anyway, I would want to be a part of this family, because they get to live in space and they love one another a lot. Plus, it would be fun to solve mysteries on the moon!

Class President: A book that tries to make a difference

power play

Power Play, is a powerful book in my opinion because it tackles the serious topic of molestation and sexual assault. Even if you aren’t a sports fan this book should be on your TBR. There aren’t a lot of books that talk about such a rough subject. This book shows that despite what you’ve gone through there is help and you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out.

High School Sweetheart: A book character you have a crush on


I don’t really have crushes on characters, but I couldn’t just leave this one blank haha. If I had to choose I would go with Jest from Heartless. He’s just mysterious, he seems to be very caring, and he can do magic which is awesome!

Prom Night: A book with a beautiful cover


Of course there are so many books with beautiful covers, but I had to choose Nachtbeben, by Jenna Strack, because I literally bought this because of the cover. It’s a German book and I do not speak German, but I wanna learn German because I love the cover of this book so much! Yup, currently working on learning German if anyone wants to help me haha.

Spring Break: A book you can always turn to when you need a break


I don’t reread books, but I wouldn’t mind rereading this book. I really loved this book along with the story it told. I don’t really have a book I turn to when I need a break. Usually when I need a break I read middle grade books, graphic novels, or pretty short books.

School Lunch: A book character(s) you want to have lunch with


This was kind of a hard choice for me and I’m not sure why. I just had trouble thinking of a character I would want to have lunch with. I finally chose Maddy from Everything, Everything. I just think she’s such a strong character and she seems super funny and fun to be around.

Halloween Party: A book character you would like to be for one day


I would like to be Alice from Furthermore, because she is super adventurous and pretty confident. Also, who wouldn’t want to live in a world full of magic? Despite not having color like most she still manages to be unafraid and courageous as she goes on a journey to find someone she loves.

School Bully: A villain you don’t want to go to school with


I’m gonna have to go with Glinda from Dorothy Must Die. I chose her because you think you can trust her and she’s supposed to be good, but she’s actually really mean and messed up. She kind of reminds me of some of the popular girls at school. She’s all kinds of crazy and she is very, very selfish.

Graduation: A book with a bittersweet conclusion

cradle and all

I wasn’t sure what book to choose at first, but I saw this one and realized it is so perfect for this! Obviously I can’t really say much without spoiling the book, but if you’ve read this book then you’ll understand why it’s so bittersweet!

I hope y’all enjoyed reading this tag!!! I’m very happy and thankful to have been tagged! Also, even if you aren’t tagged feel free to give this a try! Make sure you comment below the link so I can read it 🙂

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