Fun Book Posts · The Friday 32

The Friday 32: #2

the servant boy.jpg

“This feeling, whatever it was, was beyond my control.”

Obviously y’all can take this quote and apply it to whatever is going on in your life. I feel like that’s what we usually do anyway. This quote could be about depression, but if you are having an amazing day you might believe it’s about happiness. I feel like most of the time our emotions can be hard to control no matter how hard we try. Which is one thing I love about this book. The main character, Zayne, shows emotion that most men are too afraid to show.

Anyway, I’m still reading this book and I’m really enjoying it. I will have a review up for it as soon as I finish!

That’s all I have for this Friday 32. I hope y’all enjoyed reading this post! Comment below your thoughts on this quote and if you like it or not!! 🙂

Click the picture at the top if you would like to purchase a copy of this book! 🙂



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