The Servant Boy

“Some friends felt like family, I thought. Some said blood was thicker than water. But what they didn’t realize was, when it came in the form of ice, water was thicker than blood.” ~The Servant Boy


The Servant Boy by Reesha Goral: 5/5 Stars


The Servant Boy highlights the adventures of Zayne Shah, a young man who lives through the most horrific disaster his village, Saidpur, has ever seen. An epidemic has unknowingly raged through Saidpur and is taking the lives of umpteen folk before his eyes. Zayne is determined to find a cure to the mystery, at whatever the cost may be, even if that cost is a price he cannot presently afford.

Zayne goes through a series of ups and downs as he takes you with him, embracing life through vivid details, all of which include paradoxes that anyone from any walk of life can relate to: life and death, happiness and grief, love and envy, friendship and animosity.

Although The Servant Boy is a multicultural novel, and will appeal to those that will enjoy learning about the colorful and vibrant culture of Pakistan, it will also enchant those who enjoy mystery, fantasy, adventure, friendship, and romance. There is something in the novel for everyone.

My Review:

I decided that since I haven’t done a spoiler free review in a while and thought why not do one now? I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review and that’s exactly what I’ll give y’all.  I hope y’all enjoy!

So this book starts with the main character, Zayne, who it just a servant. Him and his mother have always struggled with money as they try to make ends meet. One of my favorite things about this book is that Zayne goes from having nothing to be extremely successful. It’s such an important message as well. We often times forget that through hard work we can make a life for ourselves. The thing we often forget though is that we can’t be afraid to ask for help and we can’t be afraid to accept help. Zayne isn’t afraid to accept the help he is given from Gapori and that is what made him become so successful. We often let our egos get in the way of help and it’s important to remember that to build oneself up you need help.

One thing missing from Zayne’s life is his true love Asiya who has married another man. Zayne has loved Asiya his whole life and despite his great wealth and success he can’t have the girl of his dreams. However, that’s not the only problem. There is a pandemic going around as people continue to die Zayne feels like he needs to do something in order to stop this pandemic from getting worse. With the help of Zayne’s freinds they slowly try to unravel this mystery. I can’t say too much more without spoiling it so I’ll leave it at that!

I really enjoyed just how diverse and cultured this read was. I don’t read enough diverse books. I know that’s my fault but I’m hoping to read more diverse books thanks to this one. I just loved how different this book was and learning about another culture. It was really eye-opening and just beautiful. Goral included Urdu words as well, which I think only enhanced my experience as a reader.

I also could not get over how beautiful and amazing Goral’s writing was! It all flowed really well and it kept me reading. The way she explained things made for such beautiful imagery that it made me feel like I was there. She just does an amazing job with the characters, the setting, and story. In the beginning I did find the story to be a little slow, but her writing style is what kept me reading when I felt like I couldn’t.

Anther thing that I really loved about this book is the main character, Zayne. At first I found Zayne to be a little creepy considering he would read Asiya’s diary. However, I decided to keep an open mind and really think about it. I came to the conclusion that Zayne is actually a great representation of a lot of people in society. We, as humans, tend to be pretty nosy and Zayne is just the honest truth of that. Most book tend to make the main character perfect, but that’s not the case with Zayne. He isn’t perfect and just like us he has his own flaws. However, one great thing about Zayne is that he doesn’t forget where he came from. He may be very wealthy now but like he says himself, he will always be a servant.

Anywa, that’s all I have for y’all! I want to talk about the ending of the book but then this review wouldn’t be spoiler free haha. I guess you’ll just have to read to find out about the mysterious ending! Anyway, I recommend anyone that likes fantasy, mystery, or contemporary type novels, give this book a try. It’s definitely worth the read! Also, it’s great for those of you looking for more diverse novels! Sorry this review isn’t the longest!

If you would like to purchase this book just click the picture at the top. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Servant Boy

  1. I was offered to review this book but didn’t like the story that much !! But your review is so good! It makes the book so appealing. I think i may read it someday, if i find the paperback. Cause new genre to me has to be in paperbacks hahahah😂

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