The Sunshine Blogger Award

I would like to thank the amazing Katie at Katie Judges Books for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger award!

the sunshine blogger award.png


The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring.  Once nominated, the blogger is required to write a post in which they:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated them and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them.
  3. Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 new questions to answer.
  4. Notify your nominees and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post.

Katie’s Questions:

1.What made you start blogging?

I started blogging because I wanted somewhere to write reviews on books that I could make my own. That way I didn’t just have to write reviews on Goodreads. I also discovered the other fun bookish posts I could write.

2. What do you do when you read a bad book? Or even do not finish it?

Usually, I get ready to write a bad review. I don’t write a lot of bad book reviews so when I read a bad book it gives me the great chance to talk about a book that I didn’t like. I always finish a book I start though just because I feel incomplete if I don’t.

3. Favorite series? Both book and TV.

I’m going to have to say The Maze Runner series, because it’s what got me into reading. I love a lot of series and there are some that I think are better, but because The Maze Runner series is what got me into reading it will always hold a special place in my heart. I don’t really watch TV so I’ll just say FRIENDS….does that count? haha

4. How do you feel about books being adapted in the TV series/movies?

It doesn’t really bother me since I don’t watch a lot of TV. I also don’t really watch movies that have been adapted from books, because I most likely haven’t read the books yet and don’t want to ruin it for myself. The one movie series I have watched and read the books for is The Hunger Games and I think they did an amazing job with those!

5. What do you do when you’re forced to read a book?

I’m assuming this is about school. I’ve never had a friend or anything force me to read a book…so I’ll just talk about my experiences with school forcing me to read certain books. I honestly end up giving the book a worse rating, because I have to focus on so many elements that make up the book rather than actually focusing on enjoying the story. I also would usually look up the free audio on YouTube…shhhhh.

6. How do you feel about audiobooks and e-books?

I really like e-books and audiobooks. I don’t listen to audiobooks a lot because I don’t have an audible. I just listen to some of the ones I find on YouTube and those are usually for classics because it helps me understand it better. E-books are great when I’m in a reading slump because the change helps me feel better and I don’t know why. Plus they’re great for travel and on the go.

7. What do you think when people ask you to choose your favorite book? (not series, not bookS, just one book)

Usually the first book that comes to mind is The Martian. I really love all things space and humor so it’s no surprise that this book is one of my favorites. I don’t think I read enough series for this question to be a problem haha.

8. When did you start reading a lot and how did people react to it?

I started reading a lot my junior year of high school. Ummmm my family didn’t really react they just thought it was funny how I went from not reading to reading a book or two a week. My parents probably weren’t too fond of me spending so much on books though haha. My boyfriend has always been supportive and nice about it. He just likes to call me a nerd.

9. Which book character do you want to meet the most?

Mark Watney….since that’s my favorite book haha.

10. Do you use social media to promote your blog and connect to other bloggers?

Yes, as everyone should. It makes it a lot easier to connect with other bloggers and to find other blogs. It also helps people see your blog more.

11. Do you like these rewards and tags?

I personally do. It gives me more to post and it makes me feel like I’m apart of this community even more. It just warms my heart when I get tagged for these. 🙂

I Tag:

Er at Literary Tea With Er

Bri at Girl With A Book Blog

Kris at Boston Book Reader

Sabrina at The Reader Devotee

Danielle at The Introverted Book Nerd

Lauren at Where There’s Ink There’s Paper

Rebecca at Rebecca Reads

Jessica at Reading With Jessica

Shanah at Bionic Book Worm

Mandy at Book Princess Reviews

Candace at Literary Dust

Obviously if you’ve already been tagged you don’t have to do it or if you just don’t want to you don’t have to do this 🙂

My Questions:

1. Why do you read?

2. What got you into reading?

3. What do you like most about blogging?

4. What’s your favorite movie?

5. Do you play any sports? If not what do you do outside of reading?

6. Do you prefer hardcovers, paperback, e-books, or audiobooks? Why?

7. Do you like to snack when you read? If so what’s your favorite snack of choice?

8. Tea or coffee?

9. What’s your favorite type of blog post to write?

10. Do you like non-fiction or fiction more?

11. What do you want for a career? (it’s okay not to know)


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