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Hump Day Hype: #5

devils within


Killing isn’t supposed to be easy. But it is. It’s the after that’s hard to deal with.

Nate was eight the first time he stabbed someone; he was eleven when he earned his red laces—a prize for spilling blood for “the cause.” And he was fourteen when he murdered his father (and the leader of The Fort, a notorious white supremacist compound) in self-defense, landing in a treatment center while the state searched for his next of kin. Now, in the custody of an uncle he never knew existed, who wants nothing to do with him, Nate just wants to disappear.

Enrolled in a new school under a false name, so no one from The Fort can find him, he struggles to forge a new life, trying to learn how to navigate a world where people of different races interact without enmity. But he can’t stop awful thoughts from popping into his head, or help the way he shivers with a desire to commit violence. He wants to be different—he just doesn’t know where to start.

Then he meets Brandon, a person The Fort conditioned Nate to despise on sight. But Brandon’s also the first person to treat him like a human instead of a monster. Brandon could never understand Nate’s dark past, so Nate keeps quiet. And it works for a while. But all too soon, Nate’s worlds crash together, and he must decide between his own survival and standing for what’s right, even if it isn’t easy. Even if society will never be able to forgive him for his sins.

My Thoughts:

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this book but I did. I read the synopsis and fell in love! This book seems so interesting and it’s perfect for the month of October! Which is a good thing it comes out October 17th of this year!

What are your thoughts on this book? I might have to buy it when it comes out because it seems so good! There are just so many books and so little time.

Devils Within seems like a pretty dark and mysterious read. I think it sounds amazing! Obviously, if you’re not into that stuff than maybe this book isn’t for you haha. I’m always looking for new and different reads! 🙂

I love the cover of this book too. It’s very simple but it still shows that it’s kind of dark. The cover is also kind of mysterious too. If you haven’t been able to tell I want to read this book haha.

What genres do you like or prefer? 😀 Comment below so we can chat!

If you would like to pre-order a copy of this book just click the picture at the top! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hump Day Hype: #5

  1. Oh yeah, I mean, the summary sure catches one’s attention. And THE COVER IS VERY DARK AND MYSTERIOUS TOO.

    I usually read FANTASY, CONTEMPORARY FICTION, WORLD WAR FICTION, SCI-FI, CLASSICS, MYSTERY, ROMANCE (a bit 😂…..I READ PRETTY MUCH A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G ACTUALLY! 😂😂😂 It just has to have a good plot, interesting rounded characters and it’s sure to catch my attention. But I am sick of vampires, tbh. 😌 Or maybe it’s just because I have only come across the crappy ones. Do you suggest some good ones?? I’d REALLY like to convert my hate for the pointy-toothed to love or even like. 😅

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