September Wrap-Up

the servant boy

1. The Servant Boy by Reehsa Goral

Rating: 5/5 stars

I won’t talk about this book too much since I have a review up for it, but I really loved this book and it’s such a diverse read that I recommend everyone read it. It’s fantasy and it’s also a mystery which was amazing! I just loved everything about this book! The characters, the story, the writing, etc! You can click here to check out my review though!

the bottle imp

2. The Bottle Imp by Robert Louis Stevenson

Rating: 4/5 stars

I really enjoyed this short story. I found it very interesting and I just loved how Keawe dealt with his problem of possessing something of such great power. It was a good classic and I didn’t have too much trouble reading it. It makes me want to read more classics.


3. Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson

Rating: 3/5 stars

I found this short story a little harder to follow so I listened to the audio version. It wasn’t a bad story I just had some trouble understanding it. However, I definitely wouldn’t mind giving this short story another try in the future. I really liked the ending and the battle between good and evil within.

emory's gift

4. Emory’s Gift by W. Bruce Cameron

Rating: 4/5 stars

I found this book on sale and I loved A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey so I just had to give this book a try. In case you weren’t aware bears are my favorite animals, which is why I was so excited to read this book. I loved the message of the book overall and I found it to be a very fun and cool read. 🙂


5. Smokejumper: A Memoir By One Of America’s Most Select Airborne Firefighters by Jason A. Ramos and Julian Smith

Rating: 5/5 stars

This book was amazing! I didn’t know anything about smokejumpers and after reading this book I have so much respect for them. i didn’t know how intense of a job it was or how tough it could be. This book did an amazing job shinning some light on a career that isn’t talked about enough.

first contact

6. First Contact by Kat Green

Rating: 3/5 stars

I read this book in one day while I was stuck on the plane and in the airport. I didn’t think this book was very good, but I gave it three stars because I still found it entertaining. I don’t know if it was because I was already exhausted and so reading something super easy and cliche just made me feel better, but it was good enough to get three stars from me. Also, it peaked my interest enough to wanna continue the series so overall it wasn’t horrible.

Peter Pan.jpg

7. Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Rating: 4/5 stars

I listened to this book on audiobook and I really enjoyed it. Of course I already knew the story of Peter Pan but it was so fun to listen to. It was full of adventure and it was super easy to follow and just a great read for relaxing. I really enjoyed it!

noble woman the life-story of edith cavell

8. A Noble Woman: The Life-Story of Edith Cavell by Ernest Protheroe

Rating: 3/5 stars

I listened to this book as well and it wasn’t bad. It was pretty interesting to learn about Edith since I had never heard about her. I feel like her story should be shared more. I did have some trouble following along, but that’s why I’m listening to classics. How are you supposed to learn and get better if you don’t read them? (Free on Kindle just click the picture)

sins of the father

9. Sins Of The Father by Michael Reid Jr.

Rating: 5/5 stars

This book was so amazingly, awesomely, perfectly, EPIC! I really, really, really enjoyed this book. This is the second book in the Logan Falcone series, so I can’t say too much. If you haven’t read Debt Of Fear then definitely get on that, because this book is even better and even more badass than that one! I have a spoiler free review on Goodreads if you’re interested!

So, overall I finished nine books which isn’t too bad. I’m hoping for October I can finish about the same amount or more. There were a few book I still wanted to read but I’m kind of in a reading slump. I’m hoping it goes away soon! Thanks so much for reading!!!

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