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Three Stars

Hey y’all! So, this is something I try to do every Sunday. I have been thinking about changing it though. It’ll still be on Sunday, but I was wondering if y’all would like it more if I did three things that made me happy this week, just three things I like, etc.

If you are new to my blog Three Stars is a meme I created where every Sunday I write about three bookish things. You can see some of my past posts for examples. I have trouble coming up with three bookish favorites or things to talk about so I thought maybe it could be a way to reflect on three good things that happened that week.

I’ll give it a try this week and if y’all don’t like it tell me and if y’all do like it tell me. Please do tell! I really would like the advice!!

hockey karma

Finished my first book this month!

1. I have been in a really bad reading slump this month and this was the first book I’ve finished. However, I found out that this book is actually the third book in the trilogy and I’m now reading this trilogy backwards. So, it goes to show how crazy this month already has been and how out of things I am haha.

I will be writing reviews for the whole trilogy. I’ll just write reviews for all three books in one post. I received this book from the author after having problems downloading it on Netgalley and I was able to download the second book, The Hockey Saint, from Netgalley. However, I just decided to buy the first book in the trilogy because I wasn’t able to download it on Netgalley and I didn’t want to make a fuss.

This book is a graphic novel and despite being the third one in the trilogy I was able to follow along and understand what’s going on. I do think that once I read the other two books it’ll help me understand it all even more. I still can’t believe I made this mistake. Oh well, I hope y’all thought it was funny and I hope it made y’all laugh haha.


2. I don’t go out to eat a lot, but yesterday I went out with my mom and sister. We went to a Mexican restaurant and I got quesadillas! Quesadillas are one of my favorite foods! I will always love pasta more though. It was nice to chill and talk to them while eating great food!

I am more of a cave dweller, if you will. I prefer to stay in my room reading or on my computer. So, I don’t like going out a lot, but when food is involved…then I don’t mind leaving my cave for a while. I’m just like a bear that hibernates 24/7.

What’s your favorite food? Do you eat out a lot? Do you prefer to cook or eat out?


3. I wrote a lot of posts yesterday and I feel so accomplished because of it! I was just in a very motivated blogging mood and managed to sit down and catch up on some posts.

I love seeing my blog grow and I love writing posts for y’all. I didn’t have much fun with my blog until I started dedicating more time to it and I am so glad I did. I have met some amazing people in this community and I have read some amazing blogs! It can still be hard not to focus on the number and to remember to remain positive, but I’m trying. I really hope y’all enjoy my blog because I love writing posts for y’all and tagging other for awards or  book tags. I just love interacting with y’all so please do comment on my posts! Even if it has nothing to do with the post itself haha. I’ll talk with y’all about almost anything!!

Anyway I hope y’all enjoyed today’s Three Stars! Make sure y’all comment if you want me to keep doing it like this or if y’all would prefer I go back to how it was before! Thank you! ❤

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