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Hump Day Hype: #6

Hey y’all! I know it’s Thursday, but I had some troubles with my Wi-Fi and phone Service so I couldn’t upload. I figured It would be fine if I just uploaded today instead of waiting a whole week. I hope y’all don’t mind!

Anyway, Hump Day Hype is where I talk about books I’m excited for! It’s a great way to chat with y’all and maybe even introduce y’all to some amazing new books! I hope y’all enjoy!



A stunning memoir from the astronaut who spent a record-breaking year aboard the International Space Station—a candid account of his remarkable voyage, of the journeys off the planet that preceded it, and of his colorful formative years.

The veteran of four space flights and the American record holder for consecutive days spent in space, Scott Kelly has experienced things very few have. Now, he takes us inside a sphere utterly inimical to human life. He describes navigating the extreme challenge of long-term spaceflight, both existential and banal: the devastating effects on the body; the isolation from everyone he loves and the comforts of Earth; the pressures of constant close cohabitation; the catastrophic risks of depressurization or colliding with space junk, and the still more haunting threat of being unable to help should tragedy strike at home—an agonizing situation Kelly faced when, on another mission, his twin brother’s wife, Gabrielle Giffords, was shot while he still had two months in space. Kelly’s humanity, compassion, humor, and passion resonate throughout, as he recalls his rough-and-tumble New Jersey childhood and the youthful inspiration that sparked his astounding career, and as he makes clear his belief that Mars will be the next, ultimately challenging step in American spaceflight. A natural storyteller and modern-day hero, Kelly has a message of hope for the future that will inspire for generations to come. Here, in his personal story, we see the triumph of the human imagination, the strength of the human will, and the boundless wonder of the galaxy.

My Thoughts:

Okay, so this is my second time writing this because WordPress didn’t save it even though it said it did. The only thing I was able to restore was the first two paragraphs. Anyway, let’s just get into.

So, if you read my blog then you should know by now that I love all things space. I just think space is so amazing and there’s just so much to learn about it! It’s so strange and unique. I just love it so much! ❤

I was lucky enough to be able to go see Scott Kelly and hear him speak. I was so thankful to be able to hear such an amazing story and I would love to learn more about him and his amazing story. I keep saying “amazing” but that’s a great word to describe him and his journey. His story is just inspiring in its own way and I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in space for a year! I love space so much but I would never go up into space.

I don’t read a lot of nonfiction, but I would love to read more this upcoming year. I decided it would be nice to feature some nonfiction for once. Maybe y’all find this book interesting! Just figured it would be a nice change to talk about a book that not everyone has heard of. 🙂

His book Endurance: A Year In Space, A Lifetime Of Discovery releases this October on the 17th! I can’t wait! I do believe I’m expecting a copy of his book. I’m not 100% sure because I pre-ordered it months and months ago!

Anyway, that’s all I have for y’all today! I hope y’all enjoyed! Make sure you comment below so we can chat it up!!! Do you like nonfiction? Do you like space? What are some things that you find fascinating?

Of course if you would like to pre-order a copy of this book just click the picture at the top! I linked it to a signed copy too! 😀

5 thoughts on “Hump Day Hype: #6

  1. When we lived in Arizona and Scott was on the ISS, they would fly over our house…….just a little lite in the big sky. But I always waved to him in case he was looking through his super duper binoculars! Hahaha

    I can’t wait to read his book!

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