Reading Goals for 2018

Happy new Year!!

I just decided to do this post to try to organize myself  little more. Normally I just set the one goal on my Goodreads and that’s it. This year I’m going to try and set a few different goals. However, these aren’t meant to stress me out so if I don’t reach a goal then I’ll be fine with it. These goals are only meant to help push me in my reading, not to ruin my reading. That’s something everyone should keep in mind when setting reading goals. 🙂

Let’s just get to the list shall we?

  • Read 91 books
  • Read 35 non-fiction books
  • Buy fewer books (I know this one seems crazy but I need to read more of the books I have haha)
  • Read 10 books from the library
  • Read 10 fantasy books
  • Read 15 horror/thriller/mystery books!
  • Participate in at least 6 read-a-thons/reading challenges (I’ll list ones I’m participating in)

I think that’s it. Not super organized or amazing, but my main focus this year is on non-fiction. I really want to read more books that can help me out in the future and/or read more books that are true. I find them interesting and was disappointed that I didn’t read as many as I would have liked.

I chose these goals because I felt that I didn’t read enough of these books this year and I want to make an effort to change that in 2018! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2018

    1. I have so many unread books too which is why my goal is to buy less books…I have so many that I actually need to read. It’s always hard when I see new books being released, but they’ll still be there it’s not like they’re going anywhere haha

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  1. Good luck with your reading goals! I can’t write goals as they stress me out, but in my head I’m thinking I’d like to read at least 25 “good for me books” this year.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I wrote these goals but I like to push myself. If I ever start to stress about them then I’ll just pretend they aren’t there and remember that I love reading and shouldn’t stress about it

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  2. I’m totally with you on the buying fewer books front. I started a book club with some friends a few years ago where the goal was to read a book on our shelves that we had put off reading for whatever reason and then basically give a verbal book review to our friend group every two weeks when we met. It helped me actually dive into the books I already owned. Then I found myself relying on the library a lot more since I put a ban on buying books through the end of that year, which is never a bad idea 🙂

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    1. That sounds amazing!! Yeah I often buy so many books and I never go to the library. I’m hoping to change that this year and hopefully save up my money sine I won’t be buying as many books 🙂


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