Fun Book Posts · Three Stars

Three Stars

So, every Sunday I post three positive things that happened to me this week. It can be book related, but it doesn’t have to be book related. It’s just supposed to be a fun and a good way to reflect on some of the happy things this week. Anyone can join in on their own blog or in the comments! Just link me to your blog if you do it there so I can read what good things happened to you. 🙂

1. Love & Gelato

love and gelato

1. I finished Love & Gelato this week and I’m happy about that because that’s a good start to 2018 already. I gave this book only three stars, but I still enjoyed it. It wasn’t a bad book but I just didn’t love it. However, it was a pretty cute book to start of this year with.

2. Date Night

2. My boyfriend and I decided to have a date night which was really fun. We bought an excessive amount of food, because nothing is as fun unless there’s an excessive amount of food involved. We watched Goon 2 which was pretty great! Not nearly as great as the first one, but what can ya do? We played Monopoly which was pretty fun because neither of us had played before. We played some card games as well. 🙂 And after all that we decided to watch BBQ Pitmasters and eat chicken wings, because we needed even more food than we already had. It was a good night with all the food and movies, games, and TV.

3. New Year

3. I’m ready for this new year. I can’t wait to see what it holds and I’m gonna do my best to make the most of it. I’m really excited for all the new books that’ll come out and I’m excited to push myself even further in my reading.

I’m very excited to watch my blog grow and meet new bloggers. I love all of the blogs I follow now and I can’t wait to discover more. Blogging has become more important to me and I’m ready to see my blog grow and to have more fun with my blog and the posts.

I really want this year to be good so I’m hoping maybe I can do more fun things this year like more traveling or just getting out and trying new things. I’ve never been very good at that, but maybe this year will be different. 🙂

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Remember to comment down below some positive/happy things that happened to you this week! I would love to hear some positivity from y’all! No matter how big or small it is feel free to share 🙂


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