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The Friday 32: #11

The Friday 32 is a post I do every Friday where I turn to page 32 in a book and I pick a quote. I either talk about the book or the quote, but you don’t have to.

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while because I’ve been busy and I had that slump. Glad to be back with this post though. I hope y’all enjoy!


 “The forth pedestal appeared, at first glance, to be empty, which meant that’s where Simon Westwood was standing. And sure enough, as Nova watched, the Dread Warden flickered into view…”

Renegades. I really enjoyed this book. I knew that I just had to pick it up after loving Heartless. I managed to read this book pretty quickly, because it was just so entertaining and well written! I was thinking about writing a review for this book, but if y’all aren’t interested then I won’t. Comment down below if you would like a review!

I really loved the characters in this book and I also loved seeing the book be told by two perspectives. One of a hero and one of a villain. That made the book so much more interesting!

I love Marissa Meyer, but I still haven’t read The Lunar Chronicals, but I would love to get to those books this year! 🙂 Especially since I loved Heartless and Renegades!

Have y’all read this book? Have y’all read any of her books? If so what did y’all think? Comment down below!

Of course you can purchase the book by clicking the picture and if you wanna chat just comment below! ❤ Have a great Friday

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