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Discussion Post: Audiobooks!!

Hey y’all! I thought this would be fun and I really need some help with this. I’ve been wanting to join Audible for a while now, but I was never sure if it was worth the money or not. Then there’s also the whole debate about if audiobooks truly count as reading. I figured that maybe y’all could help me out with this.

  • Do you have Audible or an audibook app?
  • Do you consider audiobooks as real books?
  • Do you think Audible is worth the money?
  • Do you like audiobooks?

Those are some questions I have for y’all! Comment below please!

I have one app that has audiobooks on it but they’re classics and only classics. It’s not too bad of an app, but I wouldn’t mind listening to some other audiobooks. I’ve always been unsure about audible though. I’ve always questioned if I would actually use it and enjoy it or if it would be a waste of money to me. It’s something I would like to try and I know they have the free trials and the canceling at any time, but I don’t want to sign up for it just to cancel or just for the free trial. If I’m signing up for it I want to actually enjoy it and use it.

There’s also the whole question about if listening to audiobooks counts as reading a book. I know this is a debate among the book community so I would love y’all’s opinions. I personally think that it counts as reading a book. I know you’re just listening, but you also have to pay attention and process the words just like you do with a physical book. And just like a physical book if you’re not paying attention and your mind wanders than you’re mindlessly reading or in the case of audiobooks you’re mindlessly listening. So, I guess it doesn’t matter if others don’t think it’s actually reading as long as I do. I would still love to hear y’all’s opinions though.

I’ve really been thinking about it lately because I think that getting Audible and having books to listen to while I work or get ready would be very helpful and great for my reading goals. I also think it would help to have when I’m in a slump and don’t feel like picking up a book.

Comment below your thoughts!! And have a great day everyone! ❤

9 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Audiobooks!!

  1. Of course it counts as a book! I’d like to listen to more audiobooks myself (I have only listened to one on BBC radio4 Book at Bedtime which was really good) but they are still expensive (more expensive than a paper copy) I think. If you’re UK or US based you can join a library and they have lots of (free) audiobooks. Unfortunately they don’t have any English audiobooks here in the library…

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  2. I definitely count audiobooks as books read. I tried audible out but in the end I ended up canceling it. To me it’s not worth the money. You have to pay whatever the subscription cost is and then on top of that pay for the book you want. Yes there are perks but ultimately you can end up paying more just to get the audiobook when you could have just gotten a physical copy.

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  3. Everyone ignored me on Audible, I released mine (for free) on Spotify. It’s about an audiobook about a struggling artist gets a lifetime commission, but discovers his perfect patron has ulterior motives. It’s very different, it’s very fun, it’s very free. (click to my WordPress site)

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