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The Friday 32: #12

The Friday 32 is a post I do every Friday where I turn to page 32 in a book and I pick a quote. I either talk about the book or the quote, but you don’t have to.

Sorry I haven’t been too good about posting these! Life just get’s kinda busy and then I end up posting something else. I’ll try to be more regular at posting these again.

fuck it do what you love

“How many things are there that you’d love to do, but don’t?

F**k It: Do What You Love, is a novel about…well I think the title makes it pretty clear. I’m still reading it, but so far it’s pretty good. It gives tips on how to do what you love more along with experiences, stories, and some good quotes from others who said “f**k it!” and are now doing what they love. It’s a pretty eye-opening book in a way. So far I’m enjoying it and I love how the author isn’t someone who never tried any of the things he’s telling the reader t do. He learns as he writes the book, which you’ll see, and he’s honest about his experiences.

Comment below if you’ve ever heard of this book or if you’ve read it! I would love to know some of y’all’s thoughts on this book and if you think it sounds pretty interesting! So make sure you comment below. ❤

Of course you can purchase the book by clicking the picture and if you wanna chat just comment below! ❤ Have a great Friday

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