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Three Stars

Hey y’all! I’m just gonna jump right in! If you’re not aware this is a post I do every Sunday and it’s just a way to reflect on my week and share three positive things about it! Feel free to join in the comments or in a post of your own! ❤

1. Travel

1. I’m visiting my grandparents for a little bit and it’s always a good time. I love them so much and I’m very glad to be spending the week with them. We’ll be doing some cool and fun things throughout the week as well so y’all will probably hear about that at the end of this upcoming week haha. 🙂

2. Reading

2. So far my reading for this month has been pretty good! I’m very happy with how many books I’ve been reading because I’m finally ahead of my Gootreads schedule! 🙂 I hope this continues and I have an even better reading year than I thought!

I managed to finally finish this one series that y’all might know about if you’ve read my WWW Wednesday post. It’s the Crystal Frost series and it was actually pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised because I got it for really cheap, or maybe even free, so it’s not like I was expecting the best series ever. However, I enjoyed it a lot. 🙂 Plus, Crystal was really relatable to me minus the whole psychic thing.

I’ll be moving onto this one series called All the Wrong Questions by Lemony Snicket. I’m pretty excited for it and I feel like it should be a quick series considering their middle grade books and they’re mystery books as well. 🙂

3. Froyo!

3. Yesterday we all went out for dinner and then we got frozen yogurt which is always amazing! It was one of those self-serve shops which are the best! I love going and getting frozen yogurt especially when it’s a self-serve shop because I can get whatever I want and however much I want haha. 😉 They usually have awesome flavors as well! I got cotton candy, coconut, and cappuccino! I loved all the different flavors I got! 🙂

Comment below some positive things that happened to you this week! Nothing is too big or too small if you couldn’t tell from my answers haha. Have a great day y’all! ❤


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