Bubbles’ Tales: One Cat’s Story of a Forever Home

“This is really quite a lot for me to remember, so I need to take a nap.” ~Bubbles’ Tale

Bubbles' Tale

Bubbles’ Tale by Colleen Sheehan: 3/5 Stars


Life is tough when you are a little stray kitten. Bubbles, a beautiful black and white cat, shares the antics, challenges and fun in her life that make her part of the eternal cat story. After being abandoned as a kitten, this little stray persists until she finds her forever home.
This brave little warrior diligently keeps her chosen helper happy, protects her boundaries, and faces her fears. Ensuring that there are lots of brushes and naps along the way, she never gives up. Her optimistic approach to life and the love in her heart touches all who meet her.

‘Sometimes when I hear her walking to the back of my house, I get on the bed and wait for her on my little books because you can’t miss an opportunity. I slow-blink her and talk nicely to her, so—Yes!—I win again. She really likes the way I don’t eat any treats until she brushes me, and I have worked out that this gets me extra brushes. She mentions the word ‘obsessed’ to me, but I don’t know what she is talking about.’

‘It is raining today so I am playing with my helper in the house. I play hide and seek and I love sliding across the floor to get at the ping pong ball under the door mat. Hang on a minute, who is this good-looking creature I see in the door? It is moving just like me. Wow, it is me! I have black and white fur, and look, my eyes are green. My coat is preened to perfection—nice. I must play near this door more often and check that all is in order. I’ll just strut over here and coolly line up that ping pong ball again and pretend to play so I can check my good looking self out again. I am sure now that everyone is watching me. Yep—I think now I will just take a nap as sleep is good for a girl’s complexion.’

My Review:

I am very thankful to have received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley! 🙂 It sounded like such a cute story and I just had to have it!

This book is only about a hundred pages. So, I was able to finish it within a day. I was looking for something very quick and easy to read and that’s what I got. This book, if you couldn’t tell, is told from the perspective of a cat who is rescued.

I thought this book was very cute. I love how Colleen captures the true persona of a cat. In my house there are eight cats so I know how wild cats can be and she did a great job explaining it through a cat’s eyes. It does have some repetitive parts in it such as napping, but that doesn’t bother me mainly because I think it’s true in a cat’s lifestyle and shouldn’t be left out. That’s just my opinion, because I know how people can get about repetition. Obviously, if that’s something that bothers you then this probably isn’t the book for you.

“She carries me to a big metal tub of water where I endure a watery hell.”

Something I wasn’t too happy about when it came to this book was how bland the story was. I just felt like this book was lacking something. I feel like there could have been things explained a little more or that you could have just gotten more details. However, I do understand that since it’s told through a cat’s perspective you won’t be able to get as much information due to the fact a cat wouldn’t see/know such things.

I really loved that Colleen included pictures throughout this book. I love animals and seeing her cat was so cute! It’s a nice little look into someone else life and I really appreciated/enjoyed it. 🙂 She has a very cute cat and it helps when picturing the cat’s life aswell.

“I make sure my helper gets out in the sun and fresh air every day, so I guess now is good a time as any. She likes to throw toys around the yard so I run around and return them to her, to keep her happy.”

The writing in this book isn’t anything too special. It wasn’t good or bad in my opinion. It did manage to get me attached to the cat so it was good enough for my taste haha. I really loved how Bubbles always acted like queen of the house because cats love to act like they own everything. Like I said before I think Colleen did a great job capturing the cat persona.

Overall I enjoyed this book. It wasn’t amazing but it was still good. I loved getting to know Bubbles and being able to connect with Colleen through Bubbles. If repetition bothers you a lot then I don’t recommend this book. If you’re an animal lover then I say go ahead and give this book a try! It’s a really quick and easy read and won’t take hardly any time. 🙂 It’s great if you’re in a slump as well!

I hope y’all liked this short review! I also hope y’all have a great day!

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