Goodreads Reviews

I finally finished writing reviews for all the books I have marked as “read” on Goodreads. Pretty much all of my reviews are vague and boring, but I just wanted to get it done. From now on I’ll be writing reviews for every book I read. If there’s not a detailed review on here then that means there is probably a short review on Goodreads. If you read any of my reviews on Goodreads and wonder why they’re so terrible it’s because I didn’t feel like writing something long and because I probably forgot everything about the book except for some vague idea of what happened. XD Y’all can follow my Goodreads by clicking here!

This post didn’t have too much of a purpose just a small explanation on what I wanna do with my Goodreads from now on and what I have done with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “Goodreads Reviews

    1. I have 157 books on my “read” shelf and originally only had about 24 reviews so when I say “vague” and horrible reviews I mean it! Most of my reviews were only a few words XD I didn’t have the time to write my lengthy reviews haha! But from now on I want to write better reviews, maybe not terribly long, but a decent length haha


  1. Good luck with your reviews! I find Goodreads is somewhere to write short summary reviews (I normally give the book a star rating and that’s it), whereas I use my blog when I want to do something much more detailed.

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    1. Yes! I would just give star rating, but I want to start doing reviews on there. I use my blog for detailed reviews but I want to at least do some short reviews on Goodreads ๐Ÿ™‚ And thank you! โค

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