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Three Stars

This is a post where I name three good/positive things that happened this week. Y’all can participate by commenting down below or in a post of your own! ❤ I would love to hear some of y’all’s positive news!

1. Baby Shower!

1. My aunt had her baby shower yesterday! I’m not a fan of social scenes, but I’m very happy for her. It was very nice to see her and my grandma. It was the first baby shower I’ve been too so I can’t really compare it to anything. I wasn’t too bored so I guess that’s a good thing haha.

2. Book Haul

2. I’ll be posting a book haul eventually of all my recent buys! I’m very excited about all of them as well. I got a total of 11 books! Quite a few of them are e-books because they were on sale. 🙂 I’m super excited to read all of them, which makes me not want to stick to my TBR this month haha.

I also got a calendar of dogs doing yoga and a few funko pops that were on sale for a few dollars. I can’t wait for all my stuff to come in! The funko pops I got are Princess Atta and Ego.

3. Date Night?

3. Today my boyfriend and I are gonna watch the last two Saw movies (I know very romantic) and then probably go get dinner. I guess you can call it a date? Not sure haha we’re just gonna have a pretty relaxed day. 🙂

Comment below some good things that happened to you this week! Have a wonderful day everyone!

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