Downward Dog: Very Serious Haiku From a Very Serious Dog

“I was a puppy and you were young. Now I am old – you are still young?” ~Downward Dog

downward dog

Downward Dog: Very Serious Haiku From a Very Serious Dog by Samm Hodges and Phinehas Hodges: 2.5/5 Stars

A book of haiku and illustrations from the mind of Martin, the talking, angst-ridden, introspective dog from the ABC TV series, Downward Dog.

Sam Hodges is part of the writing and creative team of the ABC TV sitcom Downward Dog and he provides the distinct voice for Martin on the show. Hodges is also an accomplished director, having won numerous awards for his commercial work for Animal Inc.

Phinheas Hodges is part of the writing staff on the ABC TV sitcom Downward Dog. He is also a freelance writer, director, and editor.

Idil Gozde is an award-winning animator and graphic designer at Animal Inc. Her book trailer for the company’s Nobody’s Girlbook won two awards at the 2015 Addy Awards in Pittsburgh.

My Review:

I received this book for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review! I hope y’all enjoy!

This book is very short and only took about 5 minutes to read. I’m gonna go ahead and get into what disappointed me about this book. I wish there were actual pictures of the dog. I was expecting some cute pictures of the dog, but there were only very basic and simple drawings that anyone could do. I also wish there was more to this book. Maybe if it was just a normal poetry book about a dog rather than haiku poems from a dog.

I didn’t love this book, but I didn’t hate it either which usually gets a 2.5 stars from me. For me this book was just 50/50. I thought the poems were still very cute and it reminds me of my dog, because I am very much a dog person. I think some of the things dogs would probably think were captured very well.

I know this is a very short review, but this was a very short book haha. Overall I would recommend this book to animal/dog lovers. It’s a cute, quick, and easy read. I just wish there was something to make me love this book. Still a nice read though. 🙂

Update: I was informed that they weren’t able to use actual pictures of the dog!

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