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Hump Day Hype: #20

This is a meme I do where I just post about a book I’m excited for! 🙂 Feel free to participate in the comments or with a post of your own! ❤



What if Mulan had to travel to the Underworld?
When Captain Shang is mortally wounded by Shan Yu in battle, Mulan must travel to the Underworld, Diyu, in order to save him from certain death. But King Yama, the ruler of Diyu, is not willing to give Shang up easily. With the help of Shang’s great lion guardian ShiShi, Mulan must traverse Diyu to find Shang’s spirit, face harrowing obstacles, and leave by sunrise–or become King Yama’s prisoner forever. Moreover, Mulan is still disguised as the soldier called Ping, wrestling with the decision to reveal her true identity to her closest friend. Will Mulan be able to save Shang before it’s too late? Will he ever be able to trust her again? Or will she lose him–and be lost in the Underworld–forever?

My Thoughts:

As if I needed another book to add to my list of must-haves! I want all the books in this little series. If I’m correct you don’t need to read them in order since they’re about different Disney stories.

I’m a huge fan of Disney so I think these retellings would be amazing! Also, look how gorgeous this cover is!! ❤ I just love it so much. Seeing this book makes me want to purchase the whole series ASAP. If only books weren’t so costly haha.

I just think these books sound amazing especially this one. I was so excited to see it! I really want to purchase it now. 🙂

Comment below if this book peaks your interest!! ❤

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Hype: #20

  1. It’s not my sort of book, but i do love the cover!
    I wonder if it ever will be an option to buy just a cover of a book as a poster. I know there are book cover posters around, but not for every book…


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