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How Well Does Goodreads Know Me?

I saw this meme over on Naty’s Bookshelf and I decided I wanted to start doing this. Go check out her post too. ❤

The idea is to get 5 (or however many you want) books that Goodreads recommends to you and then decide if you want to add them to your TBR or not! Sounds simple enough haha.

Based on your interest in fiction:

Gabi, a girl in pieces.jpg

1. Gabi, A Girl in Pieces by Isabel Quintero. I went ahead and linked it to Goodreads so anyone can read the synopsis if they would like to. 🙂

Goodreads recommended this book to me because I read Exit, Pursued by a Bear. I gave Exit, Pursued by a Bear four out of five stars. I honestly think I would hate this book though. The synopsis alone bothers me. I just don’t think this book is for me and I don’t think Goodreads did a good job matching that up haha. Also, the cover freaks me out haha…but it’s very eye-catching.

It was also hard to pick which book I wanted to look at but I decided if it was part of a series then it would be an automatic no, because I’m not looking to add any more series to my TBR. However, I’m just throwing it out there that there were some good looking series’!

TBR: Nope

Based on your interest in horror:

mary the summoning.jpg

2. Mary: The Summoning by Hillary Monahan. So….I realize I just said that any series is an automatic no….but look at this book! It’s so creepy and sounds amazing! Plus it’s only a duology…that’s okay, right?

Goodreads recommended me this book because I read Catacomb. That book wasn’t too bad. I only gave it three out of five stars, because I just didn’t love it.

For real though, Goodreads did a good job because this book sounds awesome. I don’t know if anyone ever did the whole Bloody Marry thing as a kid but you would never see me doing it because I believe in that stuff. I still wouldn’t do it to this day because that’s right I’m a believer and I don’t wanna find out if it’s real or not. XD Sounds stupid but I don’t care!


 Based on your interest in humor:


3. Hildafolk by Luke Pearson. This book was recommended based on my reading of Nimona, which I absolutely loved. I think I gave it five stars.

I didn’t realize it but this is a series as well. Dang I’m doing great, huh? I think this book looks great and I really love the cover. I also need to read more graphic novels this year for my goals…I think I’ll add this book, but not the rest of the series.

TBR: Sure

Based on your interest in mystery:

The Face

4. The Face by Dean Koontz. HA! Would ya look at that. If you pay attention to my book hauls you’ll remember that I purchased this book this year. So, I guess Goodreads was spot on with this recommendation.

Goodreads recommended me this book because I read Cradle and All which I like a lot. So, after buying this and seeing it recommended to me that’s pretty good.

Surprisingly this isn’t on my TBR. Well, I guess it’s not that surprising. I don’t go buy books and then add them to my TBR if they weren’t already there. Since I have this book though I might as well go ahead and add it to my TBR since I plan on reading it this year haha.

TBR: Yeah

Based on your read shelf:

the weight of zero

5. The Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati. This book was recommended to me because I read Girl in Pieces. This is a book about mental illness and it sounds like it could be very triggering to some so obviously this is a book you read at your own risk. I however like to read these types of books and I don’t know why.

TBR: It’s a yes from me

Well Goodreads did a pretty good job. I am impressed. Now I have a meme where I add books to my to-read shelf and a meme where I take books off my shelf…just great! XD

Go ahead and join in if y’all want! I thought it was pretty fun. 🙂

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