Meditation & Yoga

“Meditation, an intense form of thought upon God, reveals to us our true nature, the spirit.” ~Meditation & Yoga

meditation and yoga

Meditation & Yoga by Dr. Yogini Shubh Veer: 3/5 Stars


Discover the meaning of existence – the key to success in this life and beyond. Reach a higher level of consciousness and unlock your mind’s full potential.

Meditation & Yoga is the ideal book for someone looking to improve their lifestyle. In clear simple language, the intricacies of the different Yogas and meditation are explained. Relax as the book gently guides into reaching a higher level of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Meditation is the science that teaches us how to go beyond our limited awareness to reach higher levels of consciousness. The greatest aid to spiritual unfoldment, meditation is the scientific approach to God. It is the finest, most exalted activity of human life, the highest form of prayer, the birthright of every individual. Featuring yoga postures which complement the basic postures from her first book: Yoga & Meditation, a holistic approach to perfect homeostasis and health.

My Review:

I was able to receive a free e-copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I’m very thankful to have had the chance to read this book. There shouldn’t be spoilers, but it’s a non-fiction book so it’s hard to spoil anyway.

This book wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Let’s start with the good things first. I liked how informational this book was. There were also some pictures included of different yoga poses and I thought that was nice.

Now let’s talk about some things I wasn’t too keen on. The writing is one of those things. The author is very intelligent that is clear, but this book was kind of written like a textbook in my opinion. Since I thought it was kinda like a textbook that means that it could get boring at times. However, I pushed through haha.

This book is more history and religion than I was expecting. I thought it would be more about I guess what’s considered modern meditation. This book is more about the religious side of meditation and how it all works…which also means it could get kind of confusing.

That all being said that made this read more of an informational read about Hinduism…which is still cool. I thought it was cool to read about this aspect in this religion. I just wasn’t really expecting it.

I honestly thought this book had some points I could relate to my own religion even if I don’t meditate or do yoga. Some of the points are about how important God is and just how much God should be on your mind and involved in your life every day. It just made me reflect on myself and my religion.

Overall I thought this book was very interesting and it’s very informational. I would obviously recommend it to anyone who is interested in the religious side of meditation and yoga, because it has a week-by-week yoga ‘course’, for lack of a better term. That’s where the pictures and descriptions of each pose come into play. The poses also get more difficult with each passing week haha. I thought that was interesting to see. Anyway, I recommend this book to anyone who, like I said before, is interested in the religious side of these practices and to anyone who maybe just wants to learn about a certain aspect and the history of this aspect in a religion.

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I hope y’all enjoyed this shortish review haha. Have a great day everyone!!!

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