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Three stars

This is a post where I name three good/positive things that happened this week. Y’all can participate by commenting down below or in a post of your own! ❤ I would love to hear some of y’all’s positive news!

1. Coffee

1. Right now I got some coffee and that helps everything. I also slept in this morning which was needed. 🙂 I love coffee so much haha. It just puts me in a cozy yet productive mood. 🙂 When in doubt just get some coffee!….or tea I like tea too! 😀

2. Drivers License

2.  had my test on Wednesday..I thought it was on Thursday but I found out it was Wednesday haha. Anyway, I passed and I am still very happy about it! I was really nervous that day, but I managed to pass. 🙂 Also, as an added bonus I actually like my picture haha. I didn’t like my permit picture so I was worried it would be the same thing but I actually like my license picture! 🙂 Oh, and everyone at the DMV was super nice…which isn’t always the case haha. That calmed my nerves though. 🙂

3. Interview!

3. As some of y’all know I’m trying to be a flight attendant and I had my interview on Friday. It’s one step closer to becoming a flight attendant. I won’t hear back for either a few days or a few weeks haha it’s kinda spontaneous like that. I’m so excited and thankful for these opportunities though. 😀

Comment below some positives of your own! Nothing is too small or too big! ❤ 

Have a wonderful day everyone! ❤

9 thoughts on “Three stars

  1. omg good luck on your interview! ❤ Being a flight attendant is my frustrated dream haha it was that or engineering, and I went for the second one but I still hope one day I can at least be one for some years haha

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