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Library Book Haul!

If y’all read yesterday’s post you’ll know I was planning on getting a library card. Spoiler: I did! Anyway I only got two books, because I still have a lot of NetGalley books and figured I should start small.

If you read my ‘How Well Does Goodreads Know Me?‘ post then these books will be familiar to you. 😉

mary the summoning

1. Mary: The Summoning

The library doesn’t have the second book which really sucks, but that’s okay. I’m very excited to read this book and I’ll probably start it today! That’s how excited I am. Plus I’ve only been reading e-books and I need a break from them haha.

the weight of zero

2. The Weight of Zero

I’m hoping I like this book. I’m not too sure what to expect but fingers crossed it’s good. 🙂 I’m excited for both these books. 😀

Short post but I hope y’all like it anyway haha. Comment below if you like to get books from the library! 🙂

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