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Three Stars

Hey y’all! If you aren’t aware this is a post I do every Sunday where I talk about three positive, or good, things that happened this week! It can be book related or it doesn’t have to be! Also, feel free to join in through the comment section! Nothing is too big or too small! ❤

1. Truth or Dare?

Image result for truth or dare movie poster 2018

1. This movie came out last month and my sister, brother, and I decided to go see it yesterday. I honestly thought it was going to be stupid but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked this movie so that’s a plus haha. I recommend this movie only if you’re into these types of horror/suspense/thriller movies haha.

Oh, I also went to the library yesterday which was nice. I got the book Cut by Patricia McCormick. I plan on finishing it today along with The Weight of Zero. That way I can make one last trip to the library on Monday before I have to leave for training! 😀

2. BookBeaus

2. I pre-ordered some new BookBeaus. I am so excited because they’re so freaking cute!! I love them so much and they’re perfect for travelling! ❤ I recommend checking them out for sure! They have so many cute styles too. I got two for my Kindle and two for some regular sized books. 🙂

3. Coffee and Reading

3. I’ve got some coffee and my book and I’m ready to finish this book! I’m on page 283 and there are 375 pages in this book so I’m almost done! Once I’m finished with this book and my coffee I’ll probably make some tea and start reading Cut! After I finish that book I need to read two chapters in The Secret. So, as y’all can see I have a lot of reading planned today but I couldn’t be more excited! 😀

Also, I’ll be doing a library book haul on Monday! I only got one book yesterday and figured to just mention it here rather than in a haul post. 🙂

Comment below some good things from this week! I would love to hear!

I hope y’all have a wonderful day! ❤

4 thoughts on “Three Stars

  1. I’m so glaad you liked Truth or Dare, I’ve been having mixed thoughts about going to see it, I’ve been so disappointed with horror lately. I guess I’ll give it a chance after all 😀

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