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This or That Book Tag

I was tagged by the amazing Boston Book Reader! Definitely go check out her amazing blog! ❤ I love book tags they’re always so much fun to me! 😀

1. Audiobook or text book?

I’ll have to go with text mainly because I don’t listen to audiobooks haha. I would like to listen t more audiobooks though. Maybe one day in the near future!

2. Paperback or hardback?

Both? I love the look of hardcovers, but it’s easier to read paperbacks…plus it’s easier on my wallet too!

3. Fiction or non-fiction?

I love fiction most, but I do enjoy some good non-fiction books! 🙂

4. Bookshop or online?

Online has more deals and it’s easier for me anyway haha. I don’t have a bookstore too close to me so I do most of my shopping online, but I will always love walking into a bookstore!

5. Standalone or trilogy?

If you know anything about me it’s that I don’t really like series’. I love standalone books the most because I don’t have to commit to two or three…or five books haha. Maybe I just have commitment issues. 😉

6. Heavy and long or short and sweet?

Short and sweet I guess. Heavy and long can feel like such a drag for me.

7. Reading somewhere cozy or in the sun?

Definitely somewhere cozy!

8. Hot chocolate or coffee?

I probably drink more coffee but I love both so much! 🙂 But I guess I’ll choose coffee haha.

I’m not gonna tag anyone this time, but anyone is free to participate! ❤

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