Discussion Post

Hey y’all! So, one of my things is I’ve been thinking about being more open with y’all and sharing more of my life with y’all. Just being a little more personal, but I would like y’all’s input! I know that when I follow blogs or YouTube channels I follow it for certain content and I wanna know how y’all feel in that sense. Would y’all like more life/personal posts or do you want me to keep it about books? Right now my only personal..ish posts are the Three Stars posts and I don’t really get super personal haha.

This has just been on my mind lately especially since I’ll be starting my new job soon. I was just wondering if y’all would like posts that are all about being a flight attendant or just about my life and what things are going on. Comment below please!

I can totally understand if y’all would prefer for me to keep this blog just about books and book related things! Don’t feel shy to tell me the truth haha. Also, I know this is my blog and ultimately I can do whatever my little heart desires, but I don’t really know what I want and I also care about what y’all want too! So please let me know if there are certain posts you would like to see more of or if there are certain things you would like me to do with my blog! I would love to know what ideas y’all may have or just what you think about my blog! It means the absolute world to me!

❤ ❤ ❤

17 thoughts on “Discussion Post

  1. I love when people do a mixture of posts. Obviously I love book posts but it’s nice to get an insight to what else the blogger is passionate about as well because books are just a small part of our lives. So yes I would love to see more personal posts.

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