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Three Stars

This is a post I do every Sunday where I talk about three highlights of my week. It can be big or small and anyone can join in. You can join through the comments or with a post of your own! ❤

1. Pearly Whites!

1. I got my teeth whitened! My teeth weren’t bad but they were definitely stained. Once again they weren’t bad but they still bothered me and with my new job I wanted to them to look nicer. My parents are lovely and this is part of my graduation gift. By the way I did graduate last year haha don’t get confused!

Anyway, I drink a lot of tea and coffee so that’s probably why my teeth weren’t perfect…plus life haha. The process was interesting and I’m not gonna lie I was nervous. It did make my teeth sensitive and that wasn’t fun but it was manageable. Plus, they have stuff they put on your teeth if they start to get sensitive. My teeth are fine now so it’s not too big a problem or anything.

The woman who did my teeth was super sweet! She made the experience so much better and more enjoyable. She was just so nice and I was so thankful for her! She made me feel less nervous and she just did everything to make sure I was comfortable during the process. So, everything went smoothly and it was a good experience. I am super happy with my teeth! Definitely a confidence boost for sure. 😀

 2. Life of the Party

Image result for life of the party movie poster

2. My sister, brother, and I went and saw this movie. It was a pretty good movie. I thought it was funny because most movies with Melissa McCarthy are funny in my opinion. I recommend seeing this movie if you like cheesy and stupid comedies haha.

3. Finished Another Book!


3. I finished Geekerella and I thought it was pretty good. I only gave it three stars but I still recommend this book! I was just expecting more from this book than I got. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed because this book was still really cute and very enjoyable, but it didn’t stand out as a five-star read to me. I still enjoyed it though!

Since I’m leaving Wednesday I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to read more physical books since I need to get these library books finished because I can’t take them with me haha. I’ll only be taking my kindle with me which means I can focus on some NetGalley reads!:)

Comment below some good things that happened to you this week! ❤ I would love to hear what y’all have to say! 🙂

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