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Three Stars

This is a post I do every Sunday where I talk about three highlights of my week. It can be big or small and anyone can join in. You can join through the comments or with a post of your own! ❤

1. New Chapter!

1. As most of y’all know I officially started my new job. 🙂 I’ve only been working for  a few days and it’s already been crazy! I’m excited to see where this job takes me..literally and figuratively haha. I’ll also be sharing some of the things I deal with in this new job so keep an eye out for that!

2. Reading

2. My reading hasn’t been amazing since I was in training but I’m happy that I’ve been able to get back to reading now. I can’t read all the time like I used to be able to do, but it’s okay. I just have to find that balance.

Right now I have a longer layover in Florida so I’ll probably read some. 🙂 I’m currently reading like 4 books but I only brought one with me on this trip. It’s The Woman In Cabin 10 and so far it’s a good book. I’ll probably be able to get a chunk of it read!

3. Sleep

3. I got to sleep in today after a really long day yesterday and it was great. I definitely needed that sleep. I could sleep for 10 more hours but I won’t haha. I also have tomorrow and Tuesday off which means more sleep! I can’t wait to just chill around the house for a bit

That’s all for today! Sorry it’s not very exciting haha. Share some positive things of your own and maybe it can make this post better haha. Have a great day ❤

2 thoughts on “Three Stars

  1. Yay! Congrats on the new job! I know the feeling of reading taking a backseat when these events happen but I feel like as long as it does come back as an interest it’s all good (you’re not stressed/burnt out/depressed!) 😁

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