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Three Stars

This is a post I do every Sunday where I talk about three highlights of my week. It can be big or small and anyone can join in. You can join through the comments or with a post of your own! ❤

1. Tips!

1. I got a $20 tip on my flight yesterday which was nice because I wasn’t feeling good for all of my flights because I didn’t get much sleep and I wasn’t able to eat breakfast. So, it was very nice for this passenger to tip. 🙂 Tips are greatly appreciated 😉

2. Family


2. I got to see my family the other day. 🙂 I had a 19 hour layover so my brother and sister came to pick me up. We went to the mall and walked around where I bought a Te Ka Funko and I love it so much!! 😀

I also bought a lot of candy because I felt like it…it was all very good haha. I couldn’t buy too much because I still had trips the next day and obviously I only had minimal space left in my bag.

It was very nice to see my family though. It hasn’t been long since I’ve been away but being able to see them for even  little bit was fun. 🙂


We also went out to eat and the view was amazing! I loved the view…the food wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special haha.

3. There’s a Tiger in the Bathroom!!!

Image result for the hangover tigers love pepper gif

3. My dad’s birthday is tomorrow and since I won’t be there for it I got him his gift while I was there. I got him a giant stuffed tiger and put pepper next to it and on the card I wrote “I love you more than tigers love pepper”…let’s just say we all know why I’m the favorite. 😉

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed today’s post and I hope y’all join in!!! ❤

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