Week 1

This is a new thing I’ll be doing where I just talk about my life as a flight attendant. It’ll probably be jumbled and messy, but that kind of describes the job haha. I hope y’all enjoy this. Also, the longer I stay the more organized/better the stories will be.

I just finished my first week on the job and it was stressful, crazy, exhausting, but fun. My very first trip was to Detroit where I overnighted and then I flew back to Houston. I was stuck on ready reserve in Houston for like eight hours. They didn’t use me so I got to go home. 🙂

Ready reserve is sitting at the airport in your uniform incase they have to call you for a trip. Regular reserve is sitting at home and if they need you they’ll call you and you get two hours to get dressed and get to the airport.

I shouldn’t be on reserve for too long. It does give me a chance to read though haha. It has its pros and cons like pretty much all things do.

I was put on a three-day trip which was very exhausting. It was my first time working as flight attendant two. Flight attendant two does service in coach and just works in the back of the plane. I prefer flight attendant one, but flight attendant two has some perks.

We went from Houston to Oklahoma City, back to Houston, then we went to Monterrey Mexico where we spent the night. I didn’t have time to explore though because our layover was only 11 hours or so. That was a mess in its own because I didn’t bring food so my dinner was a protein bar, coffee (gross coffee by the way), and some honey roasted peanuts. I’m lucky I don’t eat a lot. Never again though…I’ll make sure I have some sort of meal next time haha. I need to buy a lunchbox but they’re so expensive!

After Mexico we went back to Houston, then we went to Colorado Springs and back, and then we went to Pensacola Florida where we overnighted, We had an 18 hour layover though!! You don’t know how beautiful it is to finally get to sleep in on a trip haha. I was so happy and excited for that layover even though I didn’t do anything.

I got two days off which doesn’t feel like enough haha. I guess we’ll see what this new week brings!

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