Stubbornness and Something Yellow?

Hey y’all! I’m trying to make this kind of regular and make sure you have updates on my life as a flight attendant. I’ve been super busy being on reserve and all so I don’t get a lot of time to write about it…or anything for that matter. I figured I could tell y’all a few things that happened this week though.

So, I got put on a 3-day trip which I was happy about. One of the days we had a Mexico turn. Actually, it was my last day on the trip that we had this Mexico turn. If you don’t know what that means, it just means that we went to Mexico, stayed on the aircraft, loaded it up, and went back to base. So, no layover in Mexico or anything.

Anyway, it was the last leg of my day, because the rest of the crew was continuing on with one more leg, but I was taken off that last day of the trip. I’m not really sure why crew scheduling did that, but I just roll with it haha.

So, on our way back to Houston we had a pretty full flight. The flight time is usually about an hour and a half, so it’s a pretty good trip and gives me time to rest a little. I was FA 1 (flight attendant 1) which means I work the front. I knew we were about to go into gradual descent so I checked the bathroom just to see if it was messy, because I’ll usually pick up paper towels people leave on the floor. However, when I opened the door I got something else…

Now, it’s hard to tell who managed to miss the toilet and peed all over the floor, because a lot of people used the bathroom and sometimes people from coach use the first class bathroom even though they’re not supposed to. If you’re wondering, no the first class bathroom isn’t any nicer or bigger. It’s exactly the same as the coach bathroom.

I went and told my other flight attendant and by that time it was gradual descent so we had to clean up the plane and pick up any remaining items. I knew for sure that I wasn’t about to clean up pee and she wasn’t so she put paper towels on it and closed the door.

We let the captains know about the situation before we got to the gate so they could call hazmat to come clean it up. Which they almost forgot to do, because we’re all human and let’s face it…people forget things a lot. Anyway, we had to leave the plane because it was going somewhere else.

Actually…now that I think about it maybe that was the light from St. Louis…I can’t remember. That’s the other thing about this job, I’m so busy that things run together and I miss certain details. Oh well…not like it matters because someone still peed on the floor! I don’t understand how they could miss so much haha!

On another flight with a different crew we were going to go to Oklahoma City and we were in the process of boarding…actually we had just barely finished boarding. Anyway, we had a passenger who decided to sit in a first class seat and she was refusing to move. her seat was literally right behind this first class seat in economy. It just wasn’t as expensive as first class. We told her she needs to move because she didn’t pay for the seat and she wouldn’t move.

The gate agent even came on the plane and told her she needs to move or get out of the seat. She then proceeded to stop speaking English. I’m not sure what language she was speaking, but she wouldn’t say anything to us in English despite doing so before. However, there was another passenger on the plane who knew the language she was speaking.

He told us a little of what she said and then went and sat down. We asked him if he could come back to tell her that she can have her own row in the back, but he just laughed and shook his head. Finally, an older woman sitting in first class had enough and told her, “You are delaying me from getting home. You need to act like an adult and move. Now move!” And surprisingly the woman just got up and I showed her to a row in the back.

I’m not sure if she just didn’t want to sit next to someone else and that’s why she didn’t want to move or what. She was fine for the rest of the flight though…so it wasn’t too bad and we were able to push back without getting a delay! Even better haha!

I know this probably wasn’t too entertaining, but I figured I would share anyway in case anyone was interested. I hope y’all have a wonderful day. 🙂

Despite some things I have to deal with I couldn’t be happier with this job. 🙂

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