When God Says Go

“Go: the smallest of words, the biggest of meanings. It is one of God’s favorite words.” ~When God Says Go

when god says go

When God Says Go by Elizabeth Laing Thompson: 3.5/5 Stars


One small word. . .so much power.

When God says, “Go,” we face one of life’s greatest decisions.
When God says, “Go,” we must face our fears. . .our excuses. . .and our selves.
When God says, “Go,” it’s time to answer His call wherever it leads.

When God says, “Go,” what will you do?

Author Elizabeth Laing Thompson invites you to walk alongside people of the Bible who were called by God to fulfill His purposes. . .people like Moses, Esther, Abigail, Jeremiah, Mary, and others. These Bible heroes responded much like we do–with a jumbled-up inner storm of excitement and fear, insecurity and hope. Their stories and struggles will provide a roadmap for your own story, helping you face your very own doubts, regrets, and worries.

When God calls, it’s time to go. Maybe somewhere new, someplace you’ve never been. Maybe it’s time to go forward after being stuck with one foot in the past. Maybe it’s time to go deeper—in Bible study or relationships. Time to go higher—in prayer or dreams. Time to go and give—to use talents and opportunities God has given you. Or maybe it’s time to go and grow, right where you are. . .to dig into the Word, dive into your heart, and become the woman God is calling you to be.

Ready or not, God is calling us all to go somewhere new in our walk with Him. So what are we waiting for? Let’s answer His call. Let’s get started!

My Review:

I was able to receive a free e-copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 🙂 I am very thankful to have been approved for this book.

I enjoyed this book and thought it was full of great things. I also enjoyed the author’s sense of humor and her adding a few of her own experiences. To me it makes a book more relatable when personal experiences are involved. It also helps to see how others relate or handle things.

I loved the use of scripture throughout the book, because it’s nice to be able to grab my Bible and flip to some of the things she mentions and just read up more or highlight that verse. She also includes journal prompts at the end of each chapter which is always fun/nice because it truly helps you when you sit there and reflect on what you read. I love when books include journal prompts or prayer prompts which she had both.

I thought she did a really good job with writing this book and also including stories from the Bible. Each chapter would start with a story from the Bible told in her words to make it a little simpler and easier to understand and then she would use that story to get her point across and convey a message. It’s really awesome that she did that because it helps to see it from a Biblical standpoint and then to see it from a “normal person’s” standpoint.

I didn’t feel like I connected with this book as much as I was hoping…I was hoping I would be able to connect more, but I still felt a little lost at times. I feel like some things were left a little too open for me at least. That’s just my opinion because for someone else this book might have been everything and helped them, but for me I was left wondering a little. I say I was left wondering mainly because I would like things to be a little more clear-cut, because that’s just how I am. So, I’m not blaming the author at all.

The author did a great job with this book and with her writing, I loved her own personal stories and I loved how she managed to make everything works and flow so beautifully. This book just didn’t clear things up for me like I wanted it too. However, that’s the whole point of learning and working on ourselves so I really appreciate this book and I did enjoy it. Maybe, it would have helped me more at a different time.

Overall I recommend this book to any Christians that are feeling lost right now or in search of some help when it comes to understanding what God wants for us and how he wasn’t us to approach it. This book has some really good stuff in it so definitely give it a read. 🙂

I know it’s a really short review but it’s one of those books you just have to read for yourself. I hope y’all still enjoyed my review though. 🙂

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