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What Is There To Talk About?

I said I would start making more personal posts for y’all just so y’all could get to know me more. I have been busy recently, but as I get the hang of my new life I’ve been thinking about another personal post. The last time y’all met my beautiful baby girl, Zeva (she’s my dog haha click here for that post). However, I’ve been stumped with things to talk about…I’ll talk about myself and be more personal with y’all.

I’m someone who likes simple things. Small and simple things can make me so happy for no reason. I’m not really sure why. The other day I went to Target and spent too much money on things I don’t need but make me happy to buy haha. So, I’ll share with y’all what I bought!


I bought some air freshener for my car. I like to use these because they’re cheap and they last for a while and they work well. 🙂 Simple things like air freshener make me happy just because when I get in the car it smells good which is kind of relaxing in a way.


So, I really like buying skincare and face products and I couldn’t help myself. I got a dog face mask because I’ve never tried a sheet mask before and I look doing those little pampering type things.

I got some tinted chapstick because I really don’t like wearing lipstick, but I like adding a little color to my lips so I think this will be perfect for me. I got some regular chapstick that’s organic (it’s the blue tube). I just picked this one out because  it was closest to me when I remembered that I needed chapstick haha.

I also go some liquid eyeliner with a felt tip. I used to do my eyeliner all the time, but when I ran out I was too lazy to buy more and when I did end up buying more the cap broke on the second day so I had to throw it away. This new one I just bought isn’t what I wanted either. I wanted the kind that looks like a pen, but I don’t like looking around because I felt awkward already haha. I’m weird like that.

I got eye treatment that was in the wrong spot because I thought it was cheaper that it was so when I was checking out I was taken aback. Oh well. This job gives me dark circles and bags under my eyes for dayz so obviously I need something to help combat that. Plus, I like trying new things like this.

Lastly, for makeup/skincare/selfcare stuff I bought an acne clearing gel peel. I’ve struggled with acne for a while now and it hasn’t shown any signs of getting better no matter what I do. I just recently bought a different face wash and moisturizer to see if it helps. I saw this and decided to buy it because I like face masks and this one is designed to help with acne so I figured it’s the best of both worlds. I’m hoping it works because acne gets annoying after a while. Update: This mask burns my face XD it say’s a little tingling but I thought it burned…I might try it again but I’m not sure haha. Oh and it’s not a peel off mask like I thought…it’s too thin to peel off it’s weird.


I bought the box of matches you see in the middle. I wasn’t looking for matches but I felt awkward walking around alone not remembering what I needed so I went in the candle aisle and remembered that I could use some matches for a candle I bought recently. I had never been to this target before..or it had at least been a long time so I was walking around lost and confused. So, clearly the rational thing to do is wander around in random isles pretending to look at things as if you’re really debating on buying them. Doesn’t everyone do that? No?…Just me huh? 😉


Lastly, I bought this. I travel a lot and it’s nice to have some quick and easy meals after a long and tiring day. And everyone knows the shaped ones taste better! Plus Cars 3 is one of my favorite movies so I just had to get it! I’m excited to eat these….like I said I get excited and happy over small and simple things.

Anyway, I know this post was kind of stupid and boring but I hope y’all enjoyed it anyway. Now y’all know a little more about me through the things I buy. Haha I’ll probably cringe at how stupid this post is later. Or maybe I’ll do it again if y’all really like it haha. Have a beautiful and blessed day everyone. ❤ 🙂

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