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It’s Always When You Least Expect Something…

So, I figured I would talk to y’all about how yesterday went. This one isn’t anything exciting or gross, but it’s still my job and I figured some of y’all might like to know what it’s like haha.

Yesterday was supposed to be a very simple and easy day. Only a four-hour credit day with three flights. Not too bad, right? Well the first flight was back to base from Little Rock. That flight went well we didn’t have any problems and the other flight attendant was amazing! Then I had a McAllen turn which is pretty quick, close to an hour which isn’t too bad. Like I said it was supposed to be a quick and easy day. We get to McAllen at six o’clock and we are supposed to leave at 6:55 and if you’ve flown before they usually start boarding 20-30 minutes before that.

This flight back to Houston was supposed to be great because we only had about 14 people at the moment who were supposed to be going. Of course that’s when the unexpected happens. They open some compartment and two pieces fall out of it and no one knows what it is. So, they had to call the contracted maintenance guy and he took close to an hour to show up. That already caused us to be delayed and behind on schedule. I didn’t really think it would be that big of a problem but the time kept ticking and then I realized we might actually be stuck in McAllen for the night. Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to spend the night anywhere because I just wanted to get back home.

Since maintenance was looking at the plane they had to turn off the AC and it was freaking hot! So, we all got off the plane and waited around just like the passengers. The passengers kept getting angrier with each “update” which was basically just saying that we were delayed even more. Anyway more time kept passing but we finally got an update and that was that they found where one part came from but they still don’t know where the other part came from. So, that means we still can’t leave which means passengers were getting grumpier.

We finally get word that we can switch planes! Now, let me explain that. One of our crews came to McAllen and they were going to be spending the night which meant that plane was spending the night too! So our captain in the beginning had called and planted the seed of us switching planes if our plane wasn’t able to be fixed in time. Since they had to call one of our own maintenance guys to look at the plane, which wouldn’t be until tomorrow morning, they said we could just use the other plane.

It’s also funny because we went to go get our bags and switch planes and when we came back up no one was there to let us out of the jet bridge, because the gate agents were busy trying to get things ready since we were swapping planes. If you aren’t aware when a jet bridge door is closed you can’t just open it because an alarm will go off so you need someone to let you out which is the gate agent. So we kept knocking until they finally came to let us out. I thought it was kind of funny how we were stuck because I mean they had to put two and two together eventually.

Anyway, we finally got everyone boarded which was quick because there was only nineteen people total. Everyone was pretty tired and no one was rude to me which was good. We were finally able to leave after being stuck there for almost four hours! I love my job though and I wasn’t about to be all rude to the very few passengers we had. Just did my best to make sure they had a little bit of happiness in this minor situation.

One lady even asked if we were going to time-out because she didn’t want to stay longer. I told her we were all good and she even double checked with our pilots because she was ready to just leave the airport if we were going to time out. If you don’t know what that means it just means that we can’t work anymore which means they would probably delay the flight until the next morning so we can get rest (if it wasn’t a late flight they would have just called another crew in). We can only work 14 hours in a day…that’s at least flight attendants I’m not sure if our pilots are the same.

Anyway, that’s my boring story haha. I hope y’all enjoyed this anyway!!! Have a wonderful day everyone! ❤

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