I’m Gonna Be Honest With Y’all

I’ve been in a really bad reading slump this whole month. Things just haven’t been going well and I’m kind of a mood reader in the sense that if I’m not in a good mood then it’s hard for me to want to read. I’ve had time to read…but I just haven’t felt like reading. It’s pretty frustrating, because I’m now 6 books behind schedule….SIX! I honestly might just give up on my goal because this year took a turn for the not so great and it’s definitely had a negative effect on my reading….maybe I can find it in me to reach my goal though…I don’t wanna just give up, but I might have to give up my smaller goals for this year and just focus on the big picture.

Anyway, I’m just trying to figure things out. I don’t wanna forget about y’all so I’ll try to be more active, but it’s hard when I’m not reading. It’s also hard to be active when there’s so much going on. I can’t make any promises to y’all but I’ll do my best!!

Have a wonderful day y’all!!!! ❤ ❤

8 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Be Honest With Y’all

  1. Welp, at least I’m not alone with having a sucky September haha I’m almost ready to just giving up my goodreads challenge because this year has been surprisingly busy. We’ll see though, I might bounce back when I least expect it!

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      1. Thank you! And I love how you’re still doing your best to squeeze in some reading 🙂 maybe I should just do graphic novels and audiobooks instead too.

        Also, I hope next month will be better for the both of us!

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