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So I’ve been base assisting in Washington Dulles for the past two weeks. I’ve been home in between the two-weeks for my days off though.

Anyway, base assisting is just going to one of our other bases to sit on reserve and help out there if they need me. I was needed and the put me on a trip. I was scared at first but my other flight attendant was a huge help which made things so much better.

Sadly, I had a checkride while I was base assisting. A checkride is to make sure I do my job right and follow the many rules set in place and I’m not going to lie it is stressful having someone ride along and grade you pretty much. Also, since I was base assisting I wasn’t working on the same type of plane I’m used to ao that made it 100x more stressful to be getting a checkride. I passed though haha.

So,  was supposed to be deadheading back to Houston on Wednesday, but then pretty much everything went up in the air and chaos broke out haha. So, on Tuesday I had just gotten back from an overnight in Buffalo and was eating my dinner in the crew room even though I was on regular reserve. That basically means I don’t have to be at the airport and I get a 90 minute call out so I can have time to get to the airport and everything. I decided to head over to the hotel after I finished my food. I was waiting for the shuttle to the hotel when crew scheduling called me. Basically they told me I had to work a 10:05 p.m. flight to Atlanta. I just said “okay” mainly because I forgot the 90 minute call out rule and because if they don’t give you enough time it means they really need you. Plus, I don’t like confrontation so I wouldn’t have argued anyway.

So I rushed to the gate because they called me at 9:30 p.m. which means I was now running late, but that’s their fault not mine. Anyway, I got there and found out the reason they called me was because the two flight attendants were getting pulled because they didn’t pass the checkride. This plane came from Houston which means it was different from what my company works in Dulles so they had very limited staff to work this flight and I was someone who could work it. However, since both flight attendants were being taken off-line that means we had to wait for another flight attendant to show up.

Our other flight attendant finally gets there and I found out it is her first flight ever which means I was more senior! Anyway, the plane had been delayed for about 45 minutes because of all that. We finally started boarding and the first woman to board says, “what took y’all so long?!?”. Obviously I’m not going to say, “well the original flight attendants working this flight got pulled” because it’s not really her business anyway haha. I just told her we had to do a crew swap. She should be thankful that we were even there because we were the only two they had to work that flight which means that flight was close to being canceled. People need to be more respectful to us.

Anyway, we get up in the air and I’m serving my first class passengers when I think I hear something go off in the light deck. Then the pilots call us and tell us the AFT LAV smoke detector went off and to go check it out. So I start heading back there and take note of the gentleman leaving the LAV. I opened the door and it smelled of strawberries so it wasn’t a fire someone was just vaping in the lavatory. So, I called the pilots and told them what happened. Then I went and talked to the man who was last in there. He said it was an accident which is a lie, because you’re not even supposed to have it connected or anything and he said he sat on it. Like…did you keep your pants on while on the toilet? You’ve been sitting this whole flight and there wasn’t a problem. I just told him to make sure it didn’t happen again. Which it didn’t so that’s good.

After that I thought that the flight would be smooth….I was wrong. I had the same lady who was mad about the flight being delayed stop us when we were doing service to tell us her seat wouldn’t stay reclined. Now if she was nice I would have just let her move to a different seat, but when you’re rude to me then it’s tough luck. I understand you have places you need to be but being rude to the people trying to get you there as quickly and as comfortably as we can then that’s not right. Also, I can’t fix the seat so I don’t know why she was looking at me like I could. Plus, they hardly even move back so it’s not that big of a difference.

So, we finish our service and then some woman decides to get up and go to the bathroom right before we hit gradual. Gradual is 20-30 minutes before we’re going to land and it’s when everyone is supposed to REMAIN SEATED. No one ever listens to that part though. Just a hint it’s not because we want to be mean it’s for your safety. ❤ She was in there all the way until we landed. I tried to get her out I even unlocked the door before we landed, but ultimately she said she would be out soon and never came out. My safety is more important so I just went and took my jumpseat, because if she won’t come out I can’t do anything about it. Once everyone deplaned we finally got her out. She said she had a colostomy bag and then she told us that someone in her family was in the hospital dying so honestly she wasn’t emotionally stable either. She also seemed to have trouble staying…focused. We found out later it was because she took sleeping pills for the flight. Honestly, she wasn’t in good shape to fly in the first place.

Oh, I almost forgot that once we landed people decided to stand up and open the overhead bin. So I had to make an announcement. It was the same lady who was giving us problems and being rude that whole flight. I’m just gonna say that when we land and we tell passengers that they need to remain seated with their seatbelts fastened until the captain turns off the fasten seatbelts sign it’s for y’all’s safety. I promise! I just want people to understand that we’re not trying to be annoying or mean it’s all for the safety of our passengers. If you’re someone who takes off your seatbelt when you land you might want to reconsider?

It was a crazy flight, but we managed to get through it haha. I hope y’all enjoyed this. Have a wonderful day everyone! ❤ ❤

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    1. Haha that’s the perfect way to describe this job, fabulous but stressful haha. I love it though! Glad I could help shine some light on it. 😉 passengers like you are always favorites and brighten up my day for sure ❤

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