The Stress Of Being A Book Blogger

I don’t think people talk too much of the stressful side of being a blogger. Especially a book blogger. It’s not always fun and it can add some stress and it’s all about finding balance. When things feel chaotic then your blog can feel like a burden and no one wants to feel that way about something that’s supposed to be fun.

As of recent this blog has caused me some stress mainly because I feel pressure to reach my book goal this year which is 91 books! It’s pretty tough since I’ve got this job because everything feels super chaotic and of course then my boyfriend broke up with me so it just added some weight to everything.

It can be hard to remember that books are meant to be an escape and it’s not my job. I don’t get paid to read or blog anything, I do it because I like to talk to y’all and share what’s going on.

So, even if I don’t reach my goal for this year I’ll still be happy, because with all the twists this year has had I still managed to make reading a part of my life. This year will help show me how I should tackle next year’s reading goal.

The most important part is not to let it get to you. If you’re getting stressed out about your reading just take a step back. No one should be upset and if you have good followers/friends then they’ll be there to welcome you when your reading hits an all time high!

Blogging can be stressful when you’re just not feeling inspired to write a post, because then your posts become sloppy and just not as fun. Which is why you shouldn’t force yourself to write or read until you actually want to. It’s not about the followers and gaining it’s about the community and finding a family within it who supports you. The real ones are always gonna be there, the fake ones are the ones who leave.

I know this isn’t much, but I would like to hear y’all’s input or things that maybe stress you out about being a blogger. Comment below some of your struggles and how you’ve gotten around them. Love y’all! ❤ ❤

14 thoughts on “The Stress Of Being A Book Blogger

  1. It can be stressful! I sign up with PR companies for my FB blog and sometimes I go over the top with sign ups….and then get stressed that I haven’t got time to post when I need to, totally my own fault though!!! This quarter I’ve slowed down on these to see if it makes me feel less stressed, and if I do then I’ll make it permanent!!

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  2. I felt the same way briefly 🙂
    When i started my blog a year ago, i decided i will also try a reading challenge, just to inspire me to read outside my genre. Well, turns out, there are just things i simply don’t want to read. I spent ages trying to find books that fit the prompt and actually interest me, but i just gave up.
    As you said, this should be fun 😀

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      1. Yeah I might have to do that too because sometimes challenges just stress me out. Back before my job challenges were fun and easy because I had absolutely nothing to do but read! Now it’s a different story haha

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    1. Yes exactly! Reading challenges can be kind of hard and confusing haha I think my 2018 reading challenge/goals have added to some stress so I just kind of dropped it at this point. I’m just reading as much as I can while I’m in this slump

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  3. Yes! No matter what I do, I rarely feel “on top of things” as far as my blog/reading goes and when I do, other parts of my life are falling apart at the seams. Finding balance can be really difficult when you want to “do it all” AND enjoy it. For me, it ebbs and flows, and I’m trying to stop myself from feeling like I’m letting anyone down, especially since I don’t feel that way when bloggers I follow have slow periods.

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    1. Yes I couldn’t relate more! I’m still trying to figure out life and how to make things work so it’s not very easy. It makes it hard to keep up with my blog and my hobbies. I’m sure I’ll find some sort of balance eventually…well as close to balance as one can get to in life haha

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  4. “books are meant to be an escape”
    Exactly. books are a hobby, an escape, something fun to do, a way to visit a far off place or the future. And blogging is NOT your job. it is something you do for fun. So let it be fun! let it be something that adds to your enjoyment, not detracts from it. bookblogging was never meant to be stressful, how did we let it get out of control like this?

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    1. I agree so much! I think it’s because I feel like I have so many expectations for myself and that if I’m not a perfect blogger then I’m failing at it which isn’t true at all. Working on making sure it’s fun and not a chore because that’s what’s more important 🙂

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