Fun Book Posts · Three Stars

Three Stars

Haven’t done this post in a while…so let’s start it up again, because there’s a lot to be thankful for.

1. 5 More Days?

  1. I got five days off which was nice haha. It was like a vacation and I want five more days. I get 5 days off at the end of this month and I’m either gonna go visit the family or I’m gonna pick up a trip so I can get more hours in. I guess we’ll see though. One thing is for sure though and that’s that I enjoyed my days off even if there were some bad moments. Overall it was a nice rest week.

2. I Have A Line Now

2. I got a line which means no more reserve and that I actually know my schedule and I can play around with it more! I’m super happy about this, because it’s not as stressful haha. Plus it means I’m moving up! It’s not much but it’s still nice to have a line that’s for sure. It’s crazy to think I’ve already been working for three months! Time sure does fly.

3. Books

3. I bought more books despite my book buying ban but we’re gonna pretend that I bought them before that! I don’t know why I bought more books even though my reading hasn’t been very good lately. Oh well I think they’ll be good books. πŸ™‚

Comment below some of your positives for this week! ❀

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