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I Knew It Was Me

Well the Stars pulled out a 4-2 win over the Kings! I knew it was because I wasn’t wearing my shirt on game days, but I wore it today! Superstitions are real! Anyway, let’s recap over the game, shall we?

what a block

So we have this beautiful block by Radek Faksa. Now that’s taking one for the team because that looked painful. Based on the way he got up I’m pretty sure he’ll have a nice bruise for it.

comeau goal.gif

So Jason Dickinson had a nice wrap around pass to Blake Comeau who was able to sneak it by Quick for a nice goal in the first period. 🙂 Comeau got the goal 5 minutes and 14 seconds into the first period. Jason Dickinson and Jason Spezza with the assists. The goal by Blake was the one and only goal in the first period. There were some other great opportunities and some really great saves.

quick block.gif

Since I’m kind of short on time I’m gonna shorten the post just a tad. Hope y’all don’t mind!

So, there ended up being a total of 4 goals in the second period! Two from the Stars and two from the Kings. Jason Spezza got another goal 8 minutes and 59 seconds into the period. The Kings’ Anze Kopitar answered by scoring a goal 14 minutes and 4 seconds into the second period. Jason got an assist from Justin Dowling and Devin Shore, while Kopitar got an assist from Drew Doughty. I’m not surprised though because they’re both strong players. However, the goal was kind of a soft one that probably shouldn’t have gone through. It trickled in through Bishop’s five hole…ha. John Klingberg got the next goal for the Stars 14 minutes and 26 seconds into the second period and he was assisted by Devin Shore. Sadly Tyler Toffoli scored 17 minutes and 09 seconds into the second period and he was assisted by Sean Walker. The goal by Tyler was pretty good not gonna lie!

The last goal giving the Stars the 4-2 win was by Tyler Pitlick. He scored 4 minutes and 33 seconds into the third period and was assisted by the amazing Tyler Seguin and John Klingberg! And they managed to keep the two point lead with the help of Bishop.

Bishop save.gif

Their next game is tomorrow against the Ducks! Lehts go Stars!!!

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