Fly With Me

The Mall Of America

Hey y’all! Sorry, I don’t really have any bookish posts ready, because I haven’t been reading a lot and I’ve been busy with work. So I figured I would write a post about something fun.

Last week I went to Minnesota and I had a decent layover there. My other flight attendant and I went to The Mall of America which was really cool and something I really wanted to do. I took a few pictures for y’all!


It had its own little theme park which is insane!! I didn’t go on any rides because I hate roller coasters and anything similar to them haha. It was still cool to see how many different rides they had though. A fair warning is that it’s easy to get lost in this mall that’s for sure.

I didn’t do much shopping mostly a lot of walking and looking around. I did however buy one thing and that’s an awesome jersey from the movie Goon. Can you guess who’s? Ross The Boss Rhea!!!! It was more than I wanted to spend on a jersey, but for a jersey it wasn’t a bad price haha. I’m still happy with my purchase even if my other flight attendant wouldn’t stop talking about how expensive it was. So that was kind of annoying because for a jersey it was actually a good price, I just realized I already said that but we’re gonna keep that in here.


It was just a cool experience because I don’t go out a lot but I was really excited to go to The Mall of America. It was totally worth it. We had an early showtime the next day, but I didn’t regret going out and walking around. I wanted a Minnesota sweatshirt, but it was kind of expensive and I already bought the jersey so I passed on that. Maybe next time :). I love to go out on trips as long as someone else wants to go out with me, but maybe one day I’ll get over the fear of just going out alone haha. Maybe I’ll make new friends too.


Also, I found out that James Charles was there. I’m not a fan of him, but yanno it’s still kinda cool right? There was a super long line to see him though haha…not that I wanted to meet him. I’m not really a beauty guru or anything. I do minimal makeup and I’m not what people would consider beautiful anyway haha.

I wanted to go to a hockey game while in Minnesota but the game was away and I went to the mall instead. I don’t regret my choice, but I would still like to go to a hockey game. I really enjoyed Minnesota, but it was cold there and I don’t handle cold very well haha. It was very pretty though. 🙂

I can’t wait to go back! I know this post isn’t very interesting but I hope y’all enjoyed it anyway!! ❤


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