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It May Be A Blessing But Also A Curse

On my most recent trip I was hanging out with my other flight attendant waiting for our flight and a passenger that was on that flight told me I look 12. On another flight I had a passenger say “goodbye, kiddo” as I thanked him for flying with us. If y’all aren’t aware my birthday was November 21st….I just turned 20 years old haha. Most crews already know I have to be around 20 to even get the job in the first place but not all passengers know the age at which you can be a flight attendant. Granted I do look super young and this isn’t anything new to me, but it can get annoying when people treat me like a child while I’m working.

I’ve had a passenger ask me if I was even old enough to serve him alcohol…he asked me two times. I was tempted to ask him if he actually wanted the alcohol or not. Now don’t get me wrong I realize that in the long run this will be good because in the future when I tell people how old I am they’ll be surprised I’m so much older than I look, but as of now…it’s not something I enjoy dealing with haha.

Image result for i am an adult  gif

I know I may look like a child but I’m not so don’t treat me like one. Now, I may have a lot of growing to do, but that’s completely different. We all have growing to do no matter the age. We can all learn a little something.

It’s not a lot of passengers that are kind of rude to me because of how young I look, but every once and in a while you get those arrogant passenger who think they know everything or they think they’re smart. I don’t think some people realize that I had to work hard for my job and it’s a career as well. I don’t think they realize that I’m there in case something goes wrong and I am trained on what to do. I am not just there to serve them and I am not a baby and shouldn’t be talked to as if I am.

I hope y’all enjoyed my little rant haha.

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