Goodreads Goal

So I changed my Goodreads goal down to 80. Let’s face it..I wasn’t going to reach my goal and that was really making me feel down. So I decided to just go ahead and lower it to help give me a goal that’s actually attainable, before the year is up. Plus my ex was the one who set that goal and I didn’t want to keep it since we are no longer together.

It makes me a little sad, but at the same time I’ve read a lot this year and I really should be proud of myself for that, because a lot has happened this year and I still manage to find time for my books. Even though it’s not as much time it’s still time.

I know this is a short post, but I hope it at least helps someone to realize that even if things don’t go as planned all you need to do is pause and realize that you’re doing good. Just because you might have to slow down your pace as you go through life doesn’t mean you’re doing bad all of a sudden, because as soon as you feel ready you can pick up the speed if you want. Or you can decide that you like a slower pace and that’s fine too. No need to rush life or your reading. Just do what you feel makes your life, or reading, worth it.

Have a wonderful day today and enjoy my little life lesson thingy! ❤

2 thoughts on “Goodreads Goal

  1. Good for you!! Sometimes adjusting a goal so it’s more attainable is better than trying for something way out of reach and failing, especially if it’s a goal you’re going to try again and don’t want to be discouraged by (like with Goodreads, since most people do it every year!). Plus, if an ex set the goal for you, that’s even more reason to change it. Do your own thing 🙂

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